8th grade volleyball last game


Kaylee Horn

The girls huddle tougher and get ready to make this second half count!

Ava Hunter, Megan Fling, and Trinity Bohne

 The Dobie volleyball team’s last game was October 18th. The athletes have worked extremely hard for this game. The A team won 25:3 and 25:8, but the B team lost the 1st and 3rd match with a final score was 13:15.

Madeline Zawicki, 8th Grader

Zawicki, an outside hitter on B team, says she prefers this position because she gets to play all 6 positions. “I like hitting the best because I have always been a hitter and I feel like I have grown and gotten more efficient with it.”Zawicki had said she wanted to add something about the last game. “I know B team could have done better and win if we just got out of our heads and just play the game.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ayana Freeman, 8th Grader

Freeman, an A team player, says she plays all of the positions the court, but her main position is middle front. Freeman started playing volleyball 5 years ago when she was 8 years old. “My volleyball season and practice was very fun since we’re undefeated.” Freeman says she loves volleyball because of how competitive the games get and being a hitter for her team.

Briahna Owens, 8th Grader

Owens, who plays back row for B team, says that her current position also her favorite position because all the action happens there. Owens favorite part of the game is when everyone comes to the games, and you get to show off all our hard work we have down in practice. The last game she said she was, ”very stressed but determined.” “My favorite part about practice, is that I get better each and everyday. I learn new things all the time and get closer with my teammates.” The thing she likes most about the season is getting to meet new people and improving in volleyball.

These outstanding athletes loved the experience they got from the Dobie jr. high  volleyball team. “I am very proud of A team for being undefeated the whole season,” said Zawicki. Even though they weren’t undefeated, Dobie still is one of the best leading volleyball teams in the district. They have all worked hard and improved throughout the season. The school is proud of their hard work and ability to receive a banner.