Pv: Why I’m thankful for Mrs. Chitta


Kenzie Jones

Marquise Hamilton

Marquise Hamilton, Staff repoter

I am thankful for Mrs. Chitta because she really tries to make her class a fun learning environment; her class is the only class where I feel like I don’t have to stress about getting my homework done because she doesn’t give homework and her class work is really fun.

I also feel that she actually cares about how her students are feeling and tries to make sure people are ok. I truly believe that she cares about each and every one of us in her own way and I appreciate that. Just being in her class just makes my day better and I wish I took her class last year.

Knowing that she is the director of all the plays makes me want to do them a lot more than I already did. She always makes rehearsal really interesting and entertaining with her attitude. She is a very team leader and understands how we all feel which makes it easy for her to solve problems we have with each other. I really hopes she understands how much we all appreciate her being such a kind and understanding teacher.