PV: Mrs. Wetz, A teacher I am grateful for


Aaliyah Simmons

Sophia Danielle Lee


I am thankful for Mrs. Wetz because she has been very helpful and kind with me throughout my seventh-grade year. She has understood me as a human being and not just a student. She wanted the best in me.


She once signed me up for Pre-ap Language Arts because of my high levels of writing. Thanks to her, I was very happy to be in a group with many highly trained writers like me who respect me. The best part about it was when I was complimented for some of the writings I did.


Another thing I remember was when she recommended me a book to read, which was about an interview with a 13-year-old Japanese school boy who suffered from autism. Even though I didn’t remember the title of the book, I highly enjoyed the book from start to finish.


Now this year, I am still grateful for all of the nice things she’s done for not just me, but for her students and staffs.


Thank you, Mrs. Amour Wetz, for everything.