PV: Why I’m Thankful For Ms. Rosario

Sydney Griggs, staff reporter

Out of all my teachers this year, the teacher that I’m most thankful for is Ms. Rozario. She is my science teacher and does a superior job at teaching than the old science teacher my class had. Ms. Rosario is a very chill teacher as long as we are doing what we need to be doing at that very moment, and I’m in love with her humor.


During class she will occasionally allow us to listen to music. Not only does music help me get in the mood to work but it helps me focus more. Listening to music contributes to me getting my work done faster, unlike in other classes where we are only allowed to have our phones out for academic purposes.


Ms. Rosario is also my connections teacher, which is art club, and she always has fun things planned. She’ll allow us to showcase our art in her room; I am especially fond of this because I love seeing others reactions to the art hanging up on the board.


She is never afraid to help out students if she sees us struggling or stuck on a problem. Her doing this had helped me many times on the reviews and classwork that we are doing during class. I am extremely thankful for the fact that she won’t give out homework on Fridays so we won’t have homework in science over the weekend.


I personally think that Ms. Rosario is doing a better job at teaching us than our old teacher, Mr. Olson, who didn’t seem like he knew what he was doing. She makes sure that we all know what is currently going on and constantly goes over our notes to make sure we understand what they mean.


Ms. Rosario also gives us examples or draws graphs, and she’ll even show us how to find things like speed, velocity, acceleration, etc. If she notices quite a few people struggling or confused over the same problem on classwork she’ll go over the problem with us as a class. These are just a few of the many reasons why out of all my teachers she stands out against the rest.