PV: A teacher that I appreciate is Ms. Adame


Aaliyah Simmons

Jayla Doane

Jayla Doane, Staff Report

A teacher that I am grateful to would definitely be Ms. Adame. There are quite some competitors, but I think Ms. Adame takes the cake. Not only is she a college and career readiness teacher, but she is also a coach so I see her in two classes. Most people already know that and a few other teachers are coaches as well as teachers, yet I think that she does it best. Probably because I’m biased since she is my teacher.

The coaches have stated multiple times that they are a lot nicer in regular PE than in athletics. Even though I’m in athletics I still think that she’s nice and funny. She tends to do a lot of goofy things but is still a serious coach and I respect that.

Ms. Adame is very funny and relatable. I remember she told my class that what she does when she has M&Ms is that she can only put an even number of them in her mouth and if she has an odd number she has to split it in half. A lot of people tend to think that I’m weird for doing that as well even my sister thinks that. Another time that I found funny was when some kid in my class said Bill Millers was gross, she yelled “ Don’t talk about my Bill Millers like that!” and I was laughing really hard.Then everyone in my class ended up having this giant conversation about what restaurant is the best.

She even lets some conversations get off-topic but then redirects it to what we were originally talking about. My class tends to get off topic a lot, and it’s kind of fun to see where it goes since some of the kids in my class can’t really focus sometimes (and I’m no exception), but I also want to get my work done so I’m glad she gets us back on track.