PV: I am grateful for Mrs. Garcia


Aaliyah Simmons

Aaliyah Simmons, Staff Reporter

I’m grateful Mrs. Garcia because she helps me understand how to do my math assignments, and she gives me passes for tutoring. It’s really helpful so I can understand how to do my work, and not get chewed out by my parents. She makes it easy to remember, from her jingles to the basic study guides.

I appreciate being on team 8-3 in general because the teachers are so kind and understanding with their students. As my first year here at Dobie, it really gives me a good impression that the teachers care if we pass or not.

If anyone cares about us and how we do on tests, its her. As I said before, 8-3 is a very good team to be on. I have to say that Mrs. Garcia is one of my favorite teachers however. I appreciate her a lot.

Mrs. Garcia is a truly nice teacher, and she doesn’t get frustrated when we don’t understand a problem. She walks us through it and tries to get us to understand, and if we still don’t she volunteers to help us after school or during cougar time. I truly am grateful for such a kind teacher.