PV: I am thankful for Mrs. Hecox


Aaliyah Simmons

Zharia Spann

I thank Mrs. Hecox for always believing I could figure out whatever equation or formula I could put my mind to, even though I never thought I could and usually didn’t. I always tried my hardest and did the best I could, but I always struggled, despite being in the pre-ap courses. I thank Mrs. Hecox for giving me the motivation to always try my best and believe in myself.

I appreciate Mrs. Hecox for always trying to teach me new and confusing ideas. Math is a tough subject, and I know only a few students enjoy it. There are so many formulas, and it seems like the numbers just never end. There are so many ways to figure out the answer to so many problems. So, I thank Mrs. Hecox for letting me use that in life; the idea that there is more than one way to solve a problem.

I appreciate the help that she gives daily. I know a lot of people think it is just her job to help, but I can tell that she actually care about the students and whether they understand what she is teaching. I know that many of us had trouble understanding, but Mrs. Hecox never gave up on trying to teach us and making sure that we got it. I struggled in her class, but I was too stubborn to admit it. I thank Mrs. Hecox for seeing that I was having difficulty in her class and helping me, even when I didn’t ask. I appreciate her for showing me that it is okay to ask for help if it is needed. After all, a person can’t do everything alone.

Mrs. Hecox makes math really fun and easy. I want to thank Mrs. Hecox for being a wonderful teacher and making your class so fun. I respect her a lot.  Every day I’ve embraced all that she has taught. I always love her class, her teaching helps me. Mrs.Hecox understands her students, she has proved that she is brave and smart, she is a skillful teacher. I’m grateful for her wisdom and for that the teacher that she are, Mrs. Hecox is a star.