PV: Grateful for Mrs. Luna

Zoe Robalino

I’m grateful for Mrs. Luna. She teaches me, guides me, motivates me and she is overall an amazing teacher.

If you don’t know, Mrs. Luna educates people who haven’t learned or know Spanish. Last year she taught College and Career, Spanish I, and Spanish II. However this year she teaches just Spanish I. She is the sweetest, kindest teacher you will ever meet.

I had Mrs. Luna last year for Spanish I and I was really struggling but in it all, she was really willing to work with me. We worked almost and if not everyday from 3:20 to 4:10 from February all the way up to the last day of school in June.

I learned a lot from Mrs. Luna. I can recall this one time she worked with me one on one with the notes that we were taking in class. Mrs. Luna is very positive and motivating. She makes you thrive to learn and grow both in school and as a person.Mrs. Luna really cares about her students, she is very willing to go the extra mile for anybody.