PV: I am grateful for Mrs. Gonzales

Noah Irish, staff reporter

I’m writing this about Mrs. G because I am very grateful for her because when I need to talk to her I can and she helps me a lot when I’m in need for it. When I am down I can always find her around the halls and just talk to her about how I feel and she’s an amazing staff member!

I’m thankful for all the times she’s helped me with my problems, and showed me how to do some problems on my homework, and I’m just thankful for everything that she does for me. She’s always there for me when I need her and I can just talk to her. I can tell her everything and anything. I can trust her not to get mad at me or get me in trouble.

Not only is she helpful to me she is helpful to everyone and everyone I’ve asked about her have liked her and that’s pretty good and very hard to do. Most people will like one teacher and others don’t but everyone likes her because she’s a great person. I will miss her greatly when I go to Steele.