P:V  Social media detox      

amiah briseno, Staff reporter


In the Article by Good Morning America 10 teenage girls from different  schools in California tried a Social Media detox experiment which,means absolutely no social media for 2 whole weeks the results were surprising.


The girls stated “ I slept a lot better.” which is very truthful being on your phone/social media at night can and will definitely affect your sleep schedule sttaics from www.pehub.comsay that 87% of teenagers 13-17 sleep with their phone on them. That’s a lot American teens sleep deprived, and Surveys shown by  www.sciencedaily.com from NORC at the University of Chicago reveal that 76% of American teens age 13-17 use Instagram and 75% use Snapchat .


Social media can be very harmful , sometimes I see something I don’t like or someone says or tries to start something on Snapchat it can definitely affect me .In response I just log off and delete the app but get very tempted to just go back in .


I dont think I’m capable of a social media detox , but I’m willing to work hard to try this because I feel it will most definitely help me focus , sleep and process better .