PV: Why I’m grateful for Mr. Edmondson

Sarah Lyon, Co-editor

During my seventh grade year at Dobie, I met my pre-ap science teacher Mr. Edmondson. I’m not normally one to single out who my favorite teacher is, at least not too quickly, but Mr. Edmondson just really had a way of getting me to laugh and to understand science. I’m really thankful to have had such a great, funny teacher.

Throughout the year Edmondson had always found a way to make his class the least boring as possible. No one wants to sit in a classroom and read page after page, and I know that Mr. Edmondson understood that. I remember that once we got all of or work done we could talk freely and I think that goes to show how fun Mr. Edmondson’s class was.

Though his sarcastic tone was and will always be funny Mr. Edmonson is also such a caring person. I knew I could always count on him to help me out when I needed help in a certain aspect. Mr. Edmondson would always joke around with me and I just saw how down to earth he was. I remember being in my least favorite unit, the cell unit, and not dreading it too much because Mr. Edmondson’s teaching was never boring.

Overall, I’m just grateful to have had such a fun science teacher. I also know that when Mr. Edmondson reads this he’ll think, of all those times he joked around with me, and how we could never be serious in his classroom for too long until everyone would start laughing.