Dobie students have mixed feelings about new IOS 12 iphone update

Alexandria Platt and Trevor Thomas

By: Alexandria Platt and Trevor Thomas

Recently,  Apple released a new update called IOS 12. IOS 12 is unique for its new features for iphones and ipads that keep your phone usage under control.

In settings there’s a new folder called screen time which tracks how long you’re on a specific app. For example, if you were to stay on Facebook for an hour it would tell you how much battery percentage you lost, how long you were on the app, and it shows you a new feature called screen downtime which is a switchable file that happens when it’s on. It will turn off all apps and only let you get work done. If you try to go to a mobile game or social media app it will notify you that you have reached your limit  leaving you no other choice but to leave the app and get work finished. The only way to access screen downtime is with a pass-code like the one you use to unlock your phone.

Many students are grateful for the new features the update brings while others are still on the fence about if the update is actually beneficial. Although many students believe the IOS 12 update will be a good change in their daily lives some don’t want limits and restrictions on how many hours they spend on their devices.

The IOS update was on October 30.  Another feature the IOS 12 update features is a feature called  magnifying glass which will magnify small things on your camera. IOS also brings more anamoji features that now has tongue detection so when you stick out your tongue your anamoji will, but anamoji only works with iphones that have face recognition cameras such as the iphone X.

Siri shortcuts, which make looking for information much easier, and new privacy for your web browser on iphone or ipad keeps you a little safer from your information being stolen along with facial recognition that you can choose instead of a six digit passcode are other new iphone features included in the update. The IOS 12 update also works with older iphone versions so those who have an iphone 4 will keep up with everyone else.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sarah Lyon, 8th grader, says ”I think it’s pretty interesting to see how long your on social media and to keep track of how long you’re on and now you could keep a timer to stop getting on social media so much.”

Silvia Makori, 8th grader, says  ”I like the IOS update because it keeps me from getting caught up in my phone, and it helps me get more sleep by telling me how long I’ve been on my phone.”

Abra Sinyoko, an 8th grader at Dobie, says  ”I like the update and screen time because it shows how much time you’re on your phone,”                                                                                                                                                                            

 Most students are on their phones almost 4 hours a day which can create a problem. Some students are starting to set timers on screen time to help them stop being on their phones so much but with this new feature, students need to be more careful with phones at school considering this update brings more notifications.