UIL Eligibility

Cheyenne Rath and Colin Howard


There was a lot of people not eligible for UIL because of the end of the nine weeks. We interviewed two students,one who passed while in UIL activities and one who didn’t pass while in UIL activities. Some students have a lot of stress cause of the end nine weeks because if they don’t pass the at the end of nine weeks they won’t get to do their extracurricular activities for the rest of the season.

Kenny Patterson a 8th grade student here at Dobie, He was not eligible by the time the 9 weeks were up. He is in band which is a extracurricular activity, but did not pass all of his classes the first nine weeks.”He thinks it’s important to pass in order to go to high school. “I just started the year bad, I will do better next semester.” The main reason he didn’t pass was because he did not turn in his work.

Russell Ratliff Is another student at Dobie who did UIL activities. Russell isn’t a “straight A” student, but he makes it by. “I just want to pass that’s really it”. Once he gets home he does his homework quickly after that he can play video games for the rest of the night. “I’m not the perfect student but I get stuff done.”  

In order to get it back they need a 70 in all classes by the next eligibility check.People think that UIL activities are important to stay social and not stay inside all day, but some students at dobie don’t even get to do activities because of their grades. Other students never worry about their grades being too low and not being able to any extracurricular activities.