PV: I am thankful for Mrs.Garcia


Ava Normandin

Cheyenne Rath

Cheyenne Rath, Staff Reporter

My favorite staff member would be. Mrs. Garcia she is the reason why I like math and why I’m kinda good at it. She cares for what we are doing also she is super nice.

She shows respect to her students. I can tell she tries so hard to make sure we all are on track and make sure we get good grades.

She also gives us time to do homework in class and that helps a lot cause I don’t even have math homework cause I always finish in class.It helps for the athletic people cause they always have games but they don’t even have math homework because she gives us time in class to finish it.

Mrs. Garcia also puts on her board whenever it is someone’s birthday. I’m glad that I am in her class. That’s why I’m thankful for Mrs. Garcia.