PV: Why Mrs.jordiin is the best teacher ever

Anthony montemayor, Staff Reporter


Mrs. Jordiin is literally the best 7th grade teacher at our school. She’s really nice, hilarious and a pretty sweet teacher.

She teaches social studies and she’s great at it she always finds a way to get the whole classroom going whether it be about her boyfriend, her mom, or just some other random topic.

She told our class last year that we were her favorite class because we always got her to laugh whether it was Kenneth Lott bringing in food or someone else just saying something to get her to laugh.

She was of course my favorite teacher because she always made me laugh or even gave me feedback on my paintings that I showed her, and whenever anyone asked her who her favorite she would always say, “I can’t answer that question because I love all of y’all.”


I miss her a lot and I’m glad I get the chances to see her in the halls and give her a hug and tell her how’s school been going for me.