PV: Letter to the editor

Trenton Urbina, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

I believe that the importance of the freedom of press is important because without it we wouldn’t know what’s going on around the world. Yes it may get annoying to other people and yes they may make up and or say fake information but believe it or not without it we would have no idea what’s happening around our world

For example, Trump believes that the freedom of press should not be a thing that’s allowed in the u.s. He believes they are they enemy. What I mean by that is Trump thinks that they make up stories. Propaganda. Make believe stories. He believes they do all this. But they don’t. In fact, they hardly don’t. He believes they tell lies just so they can grab more attention and more people can see the lies they make of Donald Trump.

Overall Donald Trump does not like the fact reporters and journalists have the freedom of press. In this short letter I went over a few reasons why the freedom of press has a point and should be aloud.  I also went over some reasons Donald Trump isn’t the biggest fan of this Amendment. In my opinon, The freedom of press is VERY important.