PV: Importance of Veterans Day

holley crabtree, staff reporter

I think it is important because they fought for us and some sacrificed their life and some lost time  to spend with their families and lose the opportunity to get a really good job and getting the best education because they chose to fight for your country.

The Army are the people who fight on the ground and use the tanks to help the rest but they are just as important as the rest because they all risked their life for us all in the USA so we should say thank you to all the five branches.

The next is the Navy are the people that fight on the oceans and uses boats and submarines to help and they are gone for awhile and miss family or friends time and they have to live on a military base.

The third branch is the air force they fight in the air by dropping bombs and also dropping of  troops than going to get more troops for the war or battle or just even training so it is hard to learn how to fly the aircraft.

Coast guard are the people that do search and rescue or see if any people are left after a boat wreck and just make sure the navy’s leave is smooth and that hopefully nothing bad happens.  

Marine are people that fight under the sea against other countries and it is even more dangerous because they can drown blow up or even just die.