Letter to the editor: President Trump needs to be honest

holley crabtree, staff reporter

dear Editor

I think they should stop fussing about us  because we have the right and so they are fussing about the first amendment  so they should stop because they are fussing because we are trying to give the people the true information about the world and what is going on in the world so we are not the bad guys trump and the court house are actually the bad guys because he is trying to get rid of the journalist in the world which is not fair because he is only going after us and not the  news reports to because they are not saying anything about the politics and how trump is lying so i think we did to ignore what trump is saying and get metal detectors for the places with journalists.


So that they can stay safe from the people who believe that trump is right so that they can stay alive and continue doing what they love because they should be protected until this is all is over and done with and back to normal and happier because they do not have to worry about passing away and not seeing they familys anymore.


And i think that this should already have been done