PV: I am grateful for Mr. Bruton

holley crabtree, staff reporter

PV: I am thankful for Mr. Bruton

By Holley Crabtree

Dobie News Reporter


I am thankful for mr.bruton because he has always been in a good mood and nice and tells us if he has had a ruff day so that we now why he is grumpy and one example is that the one day I needed grade in the grade book he was doing grades it was the best thing ever so I like him because of that reason and always try to figure out the problem instead of instant punishment.


And his character is just nice and calm unlike some teacher who are crazy and always tense because of their classes which tends to make them grumpy that is another reason why I like him so much.he is nice to most of his students expect for the ones who give him trouble every single day which is understandable.


He also tries to make every lesson plan he does fun which I like because most classes of mine are super boring but his class is one of the most classes I have this year and so that is another  reason and there are still so many more and so I will just list a couple more so that you don’t have so much to read.


He also tries to lets us use devices and technology because it lets us focus because we all really like to look at screens  that is why I choose MR.Bruton.to be who I am the most thankful this year so far because he is just the most fun to me.