7th grade volleyball B team wins first game


The Dobie volleyball 7th grade B team won three out of the three matches on their first game day. They ended with a great win.

“I felt we did really good and that it helped to show us what we needed to work on,”  said Claire Burton, 7th grader.

Dobie’s seventh grade volleyball B team were very excited for their first game on Thursday, September 8. 

As the B team started practicing and warming up, the nervousness started to fade as they became more excited.

“The position I play is the most important position because I control the court,” said Burton.  “It was very foreign to me because I’ve always been hitter.  It was very difficult at first, but now it’s not so hard.” 

As the game began, Dobie was the the first to put a number on the scoreboard. The server for the Mustangs was very good, and this is where Dobie started to fall behind. Every serve that came over ended in a missed pass, or the ball would land in the net.

The Dobie Cougars didn’t let that stop them; they did their best to put the ball back over to the other side. Finally, after the girls adjusted so many times they got the ball over the net and got the point.

As with most games, there were many emotions throughout for the players. They celebrated each time someone got a good serve, block, hit or dig. But some girls got frustrated because their serves wouldn’t go over the net or they missed a dig or a block. During the second match, a girl on the other team got hurt while diving for the ball. Luckily, she was okay and got to play the rest of the match.

Although some girls missed their passes or got their hits in the net, they were still excited that their team did well. The team was very happy that they won their first game.