PV: I’m grateful for Mrs. Glasz


Silvia Makori

Paul Hodo

Paul Hodo, Staff Reporter

I was always outgoing in school, and all my teachers never really liked me. (Except in second grade…my teacher loved me!) So far this year has been good. Good friends, easy homework, and easy classes. But the first day I walked into your class I knew it was going to  be a good year.

The second day of school was tough, no one to talk to and no one to say hi to except you. When you gave us our first assignment it was tough, I had a tough time but, as you explained it it made it a whole lot easier. Plus you have helped everyone in our class with whatever they need(ed) help on. They understand what you are saying what you mean and what’s going on in your our class. You know how to run your class you give out the most deserving grade anyone can get. The whole class loves Mrs. Glasz (except for like one or two). School days are the best when I get to see you everyday.