Back-to-school transportation is challenge

Heather McCreary

Over 1,200 students go to Dobie Jr. High, so sometimes it can get confusing. Some people forget the bus stop or take the wrong bus and some even forget where they live or their parents forget to pick them up. It’s not unnatural to have confusion at the beginning of the year because it happens to everyone! Everyone has their own opinion about the transportation they take to and from school and that is based on the experiences they have on the first couple days of school.

“There aren’t many problems….besides the bike riders getting in the way sometimes,”said Cristina Novikoff, a 7th grade walker.

 Novikoff doesn’t like to walk with other people because of lack of conversation, but she does like walking way better than any other system. On her way to school she likes to listen to music and walk in silence.

”It’s pretty boring…” said Novikoff. “Sometimes it rains,”said Novikoff. Sometimes weather can be a problem for everyone especially a walker like Novikoff but there’s not too much to worry about if she can check the weather on her phone, and although Novikoff might think walking is boring it’s actually really good for student’s bodies. Walking to school can even reduce children’s risk of diabetes!

Although walking is good for you, school buses are the largest mass transit program in the U.S., and School buses are also the safest mode of transportation for getting student back and forth to school. Although, Devin Moore, 7th grader, takes the bus to school and doesn’t really enjoy the bus ride and think it’s awkward and boring.

“I don’t really care for the bus driver,”said Moore, adding that the bus driver gets on her nerves and yells a lot.

Christian Merillat, an 8th grade bus ride, said he doesn’t mind riding the bus.”My bus driver is very calm and the bus driver’s nice,” he said. 

Moore said that sometimes she thinks the bus is boring, but she is not completely against it because there are some positive things on her bus too such as: The bus driver is never late and she always has fun with her friends. “Sometimes, I do enjoy the bus,” she said.

Vee Huang, 7th grader, has her dad drive her to school in the morning and her grandpa pick her up in the afternoon. Huang said the benefits of getting picked up from school is that, “You can sleep all the way home.” She said that getting picked up by your parents is definitely faster and easier than riding the bus or walking. “I want to be a bike rider again,” said Huang.

She said the problems she has is when grandpa picks her up and he plays loud music. Besides that, Huang really enjoys getting picked up by her family. And a lot of other kids do too because there’s always a lot of parents waiting in the parking lot for their kids to get out of school.