Student issues with dress code

Bailey Hinkle, staff photographer


Recently, Dobie has had a assembly about rules, dress code and how the school is going to work this year since there has been some changes. Mr.Jackson talked about the plain and simple stuff also know as the obvious rules. When he started talking about dress code is where the students really came in and were anxious to find out why Dobie would make dress code like that.

         Lately, some students have been interviewed to find out how they feel about the new dress code. Dara Hamilton, 8th grade, “I think it’s stupid, not fair to girls and let’s boys pass with mostly anything. They would take a girl out of her class just to comment about a strap, when she is supposed to be learning and getting education.”

         Dobie knew and expected the students would not agree with additional rules that had been added, yet still enforced them.  

         When asked a follow up question about I.D.’s the following was said “They are understandable yet easy to forget at home.”

        One major rule that was really upsetting was that leggings were banned “There is no point in the rule, nothing was wrong last year they always covered for me,” says Payton Freund, 8th grade. During the assembly girl’s basically jumped out of their seats when this rule was said.

        Freund was asked if dress code was necessary she hesitated as if she would regret her decision but then came back with “I don’t think it’s entirely necessary yet it doesn’t really cause much distraction.”Other students agreed with this statement.

       Another question that was asked made both Freund and Hamilton eager to give their opinion.  Both had similar answers yet Dara’s stood out most “ I wouldn’t change it, it’s their decision on how they run the school and how the students dress. I disagree with some of the rules but I respect it”.

       As you can tell, not a lot of positive feedback was given when students were questioned. Still this should give you some insight of Dobie if wished to learn.