Personal view: Presidential Election

Emma Baker, Staff reporter

Many people are emotional, outraged even, about the presidential election this year because of candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary D. R. Clinton.

The two are very unorganized and hard to trust. You either have a rude and selfish president in Trump, or a lying, untrustworthy one in Clinton. To many , it’s a big deal.

This will blow your mind because of Obama’s opinion on Clinton to win. He told African American voters that it would be considered a personal insult if they did not vote for Clinton. This outraged many African American voters who ignored Obama’s opinion; the said they would stick with their support for Trump and added that they did not care about Obama’s tone.

Now let’s talk about their goods and the bads, starting with Trump. The number one thing people dislike about him is his racism. Trump is always talking about Chinese people and Mexicans. Trump wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. This changed many people’s support of Trump because he wants to also wants to send back the Mexicans that snuck in from the border but people are misunderstanding his point!

Trump wants to send them out because we the people of the United States are paying with our tax money for them to live here; they did not claim US rights.

Next is Clinton. Some may want her to be the next president because she makes some really good points, but believe it or not, but Hillary is a huge liar.

When Clinton was married to president Bill Clinton, the 42nd president, she was working in her office and doing her ‘government work’.

While Hillary was doing this, she sent her work  (which is private documents) out to the public and was forgiven! Anyone who does this would be fired and put in jail for these acts.

Clinton also had a illness and lied to the public because she thought it was no big deal. She might have good points, but do you want these to end up being false?

Students Aletse Aguirre and Karissa Cano both wish that the election would start because with of the drama and arguments. This is a very close call, it’s really a 50 to 50 at this point.

Even though you need to be 18 to vote, your opinion still matters! So, who would get your vote if you could vote? Comment on this story to let us know.