PV: I am Grateful For Ms .Jordiin


I am grateful for Ms.Jordiin because last year she really helped through social studies last year to get my work done. Also she was an amazing teacher and most students that I talked to said she was their favorite teacher also.

Next she was fair and would rarely ever yell at a student even if the student was in the wrong. After that she would be a very good teacher to talk to about outside problems, and once when a school walkout was happening she talked to me about why we were doing it and in turn talked me out of it.

One time she gave me the number to our state representative and I was allowed to talk to him about the walkout and recommend ideas he could do to prevent them. Also Ms.Jordiin was a teacher I could relate with and talk to comfortably because she had a relaxed personality and would always be okay with me talking to her.

Ms.Jordiin was the only teacher I’ve ever had where I would want to do stuff for her and want to see her. I truly believed she was an amazing teacher and in my opinion the perfect role model for any social studies teacher in 7th grade.

By: David Hart 

Dobie News Reporter