PV: Grateful for Mr. Viera

Alison Meredith, staff reporter

I am grateful for my science teacher Mr. Viera. He is always kind to me in his own way even if he is mean at  moments. He’s shown me my grades and he got disappointed when I failed my science test. He thought I would have gotten a better grade because of my classwork.

He is very easy going, kind and is caring. He helps other students to and that’s what’s great about him. I am grateful for Mr. Viera because he encourages me to be greater in science.

I loved the experiment we did with cold fronts and warm fronts. He let me hold one of the ice cubes and since it melted I ended up with blue dye all over my  hands and it stayed there for a few days.

Everything in his class is fun and exciting. There is so much to learn and I like knowing about things I had no idea existed. That’s why Mr. Viera is one of my favorite teacher.