PV: Why I Appreciate Mrs. Montgomery


Trinity Rocha

Alexis Avitua

Alexis Avitua, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Montgomery is my science teacher, I appreciate her because she is really nice and, her teaching methods work for me if you don’t get a certain lesson, she can help you understand it better. When you work on an assignment she lets you listen to music or she puts music on, she’s chill.

Mrs. Montgomery is very caring about students, She doesn’t hold you after the bell. She lets you line up at the door. She likes to save paper, in her class when we work on a class copy she puts it in a sleeve so people don’t write on it.

One time when we had a project due but we couldn’t go to her class because of the veterans day assembly. The project was suppose to be due Tuesday but she changed it to Friday for us, I like the way she gave us a few extra days because we got more time to do it and I was not quite finished with my project. I appreciate her because she’s a good teacher her skills are useful.