Letter to the editor: Freedom of the press


Trinity Rocha

Nathan Stanley

Nathan Stanley, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,


What is that you may be asking? That is Chinese for “freedom of the press’’, something they don’t say often because unlike us they don’t of freedom of the press. In our constitution, it states that the government should always allow freedom of press, religion, and etc. but now we are noticing a change.

President Donald Trump is attacking to press saying that “it’s fake” but it’s not always true. Now yes, some news is fake but a lot of it is real, in fact, according to statista “14 percent of people admitting that they have deliberately shared a fake political news story online, it is clear that these fake news stories will continue to gain traction as long as people are still willing to share them online”. That shows that not many people fall for fake news so not much fake news is shared.

#Freethepress is a movement to show people that we are not the enemy, we are the people. The news is important because it gives people the information they need directly to them. If freedom of the press was to be eradicated the only news we would get would be news the government wants if there was any news left at all. What I’m saying is we need to always have the news available at our fingertips  whenever we want and whatever we want


Nathan Stanley