Dobie bands Jingle all way through Christmas concert

Brooke Frank and Paul Hodo

Monday, December tenth the Dobie Bands had their first Christmas Concert of the new school year. All of the bands performed extremely well according to Mr. Barbee one of the band directors here at Dobie. All five of the bands were performing from six p.m. to eight p.m.

“You could feel the energy in room.” Mr, Barbee said. He could feel the nervousness of the students but he said that you have to keep them chill so it doesn’t make them even more nervous.

Nadia Mitchell, seventh grade, Black Band

She was nervous because she said her girlfriend was going to be there and that she was

super bored after the concert.

“I think we did fantastic” said Mitchell, “We had a few key mistakes but overall we did good.”

Isaac Mokrane, eighth grade, Black Band

“I wasn’t really that nervous, because we practiced for like 3 months on the Christmas music” said Mokrane  “I was proud of the class because we had messed up during practice but had very little mistakes during the concert.”