7th graders choosing new electives for 8th grade

7th grade is going by fast for most students, but the entire 7th grade is going to have to choose new electives for 8th grade year. Most students are nervous about 8th grade year. For some students it doesn’t really bother them that they are going into 8th grade which is not going to be easy for some,but they will get the hang of it just how they got the hang of 7th grade.Some students are really excited to choose new electives for the following year. This year we only got to pick one elective. One common elective this year was Spanish because most students wanted to learn more about speaking different languages, it’s cool that other kids want to learn other languages. When this generation gets to high school we will have different amounts of languages to learn.

Many students already know what they want to do next year. For example 7th grader DeAnne Roberts knows exactly what she wants to do next year.She wants to do theater, athletics, and spanish. “I took theater this year and and it’s fun.” is what Roberts said when asked about why she wants to do these. Theater can be very important in student life because “drama can help students learn to approach situations in array of different manners which can help to develop creative thinking and new technics,” said Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College.

Electives can be very hard to choose because sometimes people just want to do what’s fun but sometimes you need to pick what will benefit you. For example spanish could help you get the credits you need for high  school but it might not be as much fun as people say it is. Most of us aren’t as excited as we should be about the last day or school or about all of the paperwork that we have to fill out for 8th grade. Multiple students say that Spanish was most likely their favorite class for this year.

Some students don’t have any idea of what they want to do next year. For example 7th grader Isabella Togo said “to be honest I don’t know what I want to do because there’s so many options.” This year she took Pre-ap Spanish one because she did a Spanish program in elementary school and intermediate. A lot of students are very excited because they have so many options to choose from, but they are also very anxious that they will choose the wrong one or they won’t get the one that they want. “In the end it’s just another class and it’s not that big of a deal,” said Togo.