Love is . . .

Dobie journalism students fill in the blank.

Love is . . .


In a response to a National Public Radio request for the question: Love is (fill in the blank)… our Dobie journalism and yearbook students shared what love is to them in poems and short statements. Also — Here is a radio story from NPR about the results of that request.


Fill in the blank,  Love is …

Sydney Matak, 8th

Love Is…

Rising from the dark,

A gravitational pull lifting me up,

As it reminds me,

That today is another day.


The loud bustle of people,

The fact that no one in my house is a morning person,

Stays in the back of my head,

As it reminds me,

That today is another day.


The amount of homework still left to do,

And the coffee still left in the fridge,


As it reminds me,

That today is another day.


Despite all of the



Unfavorable thoughts,

I still rise,

And remind myself,

That today is another day,

And that I am lucky to be alive.


I love being alive,

And waking up,

Starting a new day,

Keeping myself going.

Love is the fuel for my actions.

The sole reason,

That I am able to start a new day.


And as I rise,

Yet again,

The love reminds me to be awake,

And to keep going.

I love waking up,



The halls of my school,


In the aroma of people,

The wafting odor of boredom,



All the same.


Information that enters,

Then promptly exits my brain,

As if it decided,

That I would never need it.


But nonetheless,

I thrive.

I love going to school,

If only just to hear the drones,

Of voices unneeded.


The busy work,

Piled on the small surface area,

Of which I work on,

Day in,

And day out.


But I remain thankful,

And reluctantly love,

The work handed to me.


At the end,

Of every day,

There is a refreshing feeling,

Knowing that I am still awake,

Lucky to be alive.


A comforting feeling follows,

When I know,

That I get a chance,


To be able to start anew.


I love the sounds,

The feelings,

That come with the package deal,

Being alive.

This to me,

Is love in its purest.

I love,

Being granted a chance,

Another ticket,

To be able to ride,

On the train,

Where I am alive,



And able to live,

Yet another day.

Destiny Sturdivant, 8th

Love is a risky thing.

Love is scary.

Love is so kind.

Love is precious.

Love is sweet.


Sasha Contreras, 8th

Love is an unbreakable bond with someone or something. It’s also something that makes you happy and joyful. Or if your attached to that one thing and can’t get enough of it. And it’s the way you feel about whatever you love. It puts you in a good mood when you’re sad. It’s a strong passionate feeling for something.


Lauren Russell, 8th

Love is healing. Loving someone is caring for them so much that you will put their needs in front of yours. You will care for them unconditionally through anything. Love is when you look forward to seeing that person when they come home from work or when you get home. Being able to hug someone and feel the love reverberate from wherever. When you see someone you love genuinely happy it makes you happy, seeing someone you love do good makes your heart happy. Love creates unbreakable bonds that make us see all the beautiful things in a person’s heart.


Samaya White Lightning, 8th

Love is strength. The strength another person gives you or takes away from you is unbreakable. Love is the thing you feel everytime you see a special someone. Those tingles you get when hugging them, that feeling that no one can take love away from you. Love is something that will always be there. That feeling of relief when you see someone is love. The thought of having someone to yourself is love. Love can come in many different forms too. When you see your family, when you see your best friend, anything…love is everywhere.  


Ava Normandin, 7th

Love is family. Love is some who would die protecting you. Love can be different depending on your personality. It can be kind or caring, love can take many different forms. We all have different meanings of the word but how we feel love is the same. People can interpret love differently, it can be unconditional or non romantic. Love can be anything you decide it to be. It can be harmful or kind and caring or scary. Love is how you want it to be.                                                                                      


Maya Gutierrez, 8th

Love is a deep bond with a thing, person, and/or activity that you can’t live without.


Nevaeh Martinez, 8th

Love is strange in a lot of ways good or bad. Love can keep you up at night thinking if the other person is also thinking about you,or wondering who loves the other person more or just thinking how that person is doing and hoping they are okay. Love makes you make some insane choices but it’s

because you feel for that person, you could just be by them not doing anything but there company is everything. Love is about those little moments with them that make it great.


Quiera Walker, 8th

Love is mesmerizing. Love is beautiful. Love is challenging. Love is affection. Love is soothing, calming. Love is something you cherish like its your treasure. Love can destroy you. Love spent with the wrong person can break you it can make you feel like your nothing. Love has consequences. Love can make you feel happy. Love can get the heart racing. Love means the world to some.


Chelsea Goralewicz, 8th

Love is getting greeted by your dog in the morning

It’s reminding them to put a seatbelt on in the car.

Love is a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold

Trying to make someone happy is love

Love hurts but at the same time it heals

It forces you to smile on your worst days,

And makes you feel safe and protected

Love is an intangible feeling that is powerful

Love is the memories you share, and the secrets you tell.

Being there for one another is love

Love could be a soulmate, or a first kiss

It could be a family member, or a friend in need

Love is whatever you make of it.

You could be unattached, but still have a special person you rely on.

Love is breakfast in bed, or a long paragraph in the morning

Without love we wouldn’t see a person’s true emotions,

And we would be blinded by a smile or a simple laugh.

Love is a role model that teaches you kindness

And makes you feel free from all the pain that you’ve experienced.

Love is an escape from hurting.

It’s a black hole that never ends, but is never fully fulfilled either.

Love is four words that can impact someone’s life.

We are alive, but love makes you live and develop into a better person.

Colin Howard, 8th

Love is the feeling of connecting with someone or something on a deep level

Love is the unbreakable bond of  someone or something

Love is the feeling of nervousness that you feel when talking to them

Love is the  happiness of being around someone

Love is being able to talk with them forever

Love is everything!


Kaytin Frank, 8th

Love is warmth, Love is Commitment, Love is attachment. Love is trusting,  Love is Adoring, Devotion, Fondness, or Friendliness There can be many forms of love, whether it is Loving a friend, loving an animal, loving your family, and even loving your significant other. Love is a strong word and a feeling  that people use and feel everyday. Love is a feeling everybody gets in their lifetime. Love is Life. Love is Freedom. Love is Sacrifice.


Nick Melendrez 8th

Love is something that’s hard to catch on, something that’s hard to find even when you think you found it. Love is dedication, something you wouldn’t want to part from. Dangerous? Of course, and it’s a sad ending if you love the wrong person. Loving the right person could be something even greater. Love could be all about caring and being there for someone even if they don’t want it. Love is when you would go through the best days of their life all the way down to the worst. Love is free. Love is once in a lifetime. Love is every emotion. It’s sad and happy. Angry and joyful. Love is good and bad. Love is uncontrollable. It be loving your mother or family member, friends, or partner. Love is all around us. Even when we don’t feel it.


Olivia Wright, 8th                                                                                                                                                                        Love is the thing that keeps you up all night because you would rather talk to that person than sleep. Love can be the best or the worst feeling in the world. It can bring you higher than you’ve ever been, build you and complete you. Loving is wanting someone elses happiness more than your own. Love is sacrifice.


Kailee Mishler, 8th

Love is trusting one with your heart and to know they will protect you as you protect them.

Love is finding good in something, like an activity.

Love is hard to find, but somewhere inside we all seek it, and we all find it one day.


Cheyenne Rath, 8th

Love is keeping us together, no matter how far apart. Love is when i need you most.

Love is the care you have for me. Love is something I think when I think of you. Love gives me joy.


Lauren Kendrick, 8th

Love can mean different things to different people but it’s when you think about someone all the time and are willing to make sacrifices for them.

Love is when you care about someone so much you worry about them.

Love is about being dedicated and loyal to that person.

Love is a beautiful and important emotion to have in your life.


Emma Norman, 8th

Love is powerful. Love can give you different emotions. Love is something you need in life. Love is strong and positive. It’s scary and it’ll hurt. Love is good.

Sade Johnson, 8th

Love can be defined in a lot of different ways.

Love can be a strong positive emotion that you can have for others or for that one person that’s in your heart,but love can be scary at the same time.You get scared that the your significant other would lose interest in you and just break up then that leads to a broken heart.


Katherine Pruden, 8th

Love is an escape from reality

Love is art

Love is crying to someone about anything.

Love is knowing you’re always there

Love is beautiful

Love is keeping each other sane in an insane world

Love is music


Aaliyah Brawley, 8th

Love is a type of emotion that comes from your heart.

Love can drive you to do things.

Love is a true blessing.

Love is unconditional.

Love is forever.

Love is truly trusting somebody.

Love is being afraid of leave or losing someone.


Jasmin Quiroz, 7th

Love is scary

Love is a blessing

Love is a choice

Love is trust,listening,patient,not envy

Love is a place where you can express yourself to someone

Love is a place where you don’t care about anyone else in the world.

Love is where the other person helps you through everything

Love is where the other person makes you forget about everything around you


Zachary Keefer, 8th

Love is a blessing

Love is a safe haven

Love is something we as humans cannot comprehend

Love is Shaggy


Tritan Vaughn, 8th

Love is just another feeling.

Like happiness and sadness

It’s not really there, but still experience it.

You feel like it’s there when no one else does

Happiness can be a contagious feeling, but love

That’s a feeling that is directed at YOU.

Only you feel the love for the things you love

No one else.


Michael Zuazua, 8th

Love is the butterflies in your tummy and the blushes in your cheeks

Love is being shy or brave

Love is caring for the most important person in your life no matter what


Alexis Keefe, 8th

Love is doing all that you can to make another person happy, and sometimes all that takes is just listening to them when it seems like the world is against them. It’s when you don’t even have the words to describe how much they mean to you, or how happy you are with them. Love is caring for someone no matter what. Love is the way their smile lights up the room. Love is when you know that they have flaws, just like everyone else, but they’re still perfect to you. Love is looking into their eyes and falling for them even more


Jayden Dabney, 8th

Love is a bang

Love is one of a kind

Love is rage

Love is true because if you love someone thee true to you.

Lauren McClellan, 8th

Love is putting someone else before yourself. It’s making selfless sacrifices and investing your time into another person. Love is caring for others regardless of the circumstances. Love is bring out the best in others. It’s bringing smiles to others faces even if you’re not in a great mood. Love is making sure another person knows that they are cared for.


Siara Romero, 8th

Love is poison. A sweet poison, but it will kill you. Sometimes, love is necessary to live and it will keep you going. But sometimes, love will be the thing to kill you. It will  break you down and tear you into pieces. Yet we, as mankind, keep coming back to it. Why is that? When we know that love will inevitably hurt us in some shape or form, we always come back around for more. It’s because love is  addicting. It’s like a drug that we can never get out of our system, no matter how hard we try. It will always be streaming through our system, even when we don’t want it to. Love is poison.


Madeline Zawicki, 8th

Love is a word many people use so often, they forget what it truly means. Love is a word people tend to take advantage of. Love is a word that can mean so many things, yet still be said without being shown. Love does not mean you will agree. Love does not mean you will never have a argument. Love does not mean you won’t cry every once in a while. Love is an intense, deep emotion that you feel toward someone who you can’t be without. Loving someone is when you wake up in the morning, they are the first thought in your head. Love is when you fall asleep happy, knowing the person you’re with loves you. Love is when you put their needs in front of your own. When their happiness matters more than your own pain. When you love someone, you’re willing to give it your all, and you’ll know when you are. Do not say the eight letter word “I love you” to the wrong person. Use it when you know for sure that they are the person you truly love unconditionally, under any circumstances.


Amarion Miller, 8th

Loving someone is having this strong feeling for someone that is not that explainable. It makes you really happy when you see that person or think about them.Love is like a void that you could fall in if your not too careful sometimes if you. Love is something that you don’t want to toy with cause it’s what makes most of us vulnerable and sensitive and it could make us do anything just to feel that chemical to make us feel better some people only rely on love to live and most that does not end up the right way. Most times you have to start loving yourself before you start loving other people.


Emma Britt, 8th

Love is a leap of faith. Love is a scary, risky thing. Love is a feeling you have that makes your life brighter. Love is my best friend, my mom, my siblings.Love is commitment. Love is caring for someone so much you do anything you can to do keep them happy. Love brings out the best of yourself and someone else. Making sacrifices no matter the circumstances. Loving someone is an unconditional bond that nothing or no one will ever be able to break   


Alivia Cooper, 8th

Love is tedious, Love is war, Love is a battle between sentiment and truth- dream and corporeality, Love can, and will, be faked. But Love is warmth, Love is a smile that you can’t quite take off, Love sticks with you- through better or worse- reminding you that you are deserving.

Love is a conquest worth conquering.


Kayla Looney, 8th

Love is that someone who always brightens your day

Love is the person that is always there for you

Love is free

But also

Love is harsh

Love is a mess

Love is complicated

Love is emotional

Love is cruel

Love is unexplainable

Love is as beautiful as it is dangerous


Madilyn Morris, 8th

Love is something for everyone

Love is scary yet fun

Love is the fireworks in your heart

Love is the butterflies you see the one

Love is freedom for all

Love is the emotions you can’t control


Trinity Townsend, 8th

Love is the feeling that fills me up when the drive-thru lady hands me my food. As I sit in the car and imagine eating it in my room and not sharing ANY with my brother, because all he does is eat. Love is the feeling that I get when my Dad brings me a jumbo bag of Animal Crackers from Walmart. Especially when I sneak to my room and my Mom doesn’t say anything about bringing the entire box of girl scout cookies in my bed.


Keiahna Tucker, 8th

Love is tuff

Love is an uncontrollable feeling

Love is complicated

Love is fun

Love is unexpected

Love is cute

Love is surrounding

Nevaeh Riojas, 8th

Love is something you have to trust in

Love is sometimes hurtful and painful

Love is something unexpected

Love is something you have to be ready for

Love is very beautiful

Love is knowing you can trust someone

Love is FOOD




Jenna Baglio, 8th

Love is unconditional, and powerful. Love is always being there for someone throughout their toughest times, but also their happiest moments as well.


Paige Freund, 8th

Love is hard

Love is something that you have no control over

Love is something that comes when you don’t even expect it

Love is something that can leave you when you least expect it

Love is a heartbreakingly beautiful mess 🙂


Ayana Freeman, 8th

Love is complicated

Love is feeling that can hurt you

Love is heartbreaking mess

Love is something that can break you

Love is something that can mess you up for the rest of your life


Aubrianna Kline, 8th

Love is powerful.

Love is heartbreaking.

Love is sad.

Love is unbreakable.

Love is a feeling you can’t control.

Love is something that will make you cry.

Love is fangirling.

Love is family.

Love is friends.

Love is fake and will break you.

Love is an absolute lie.


Sandra Escobar, 8th

Love is when you care for someone else’s well being  


Kelsea Duff, 8th

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. BAHAHAHA jk.

Love is this feeling of addiction you get. Weather it’s an addiction to a person, thing, animal, or whatever. Love gives me a sick feeling and makes me afraid. It makes me wonder if I’m going to end up alone. Love makes me feel guilty about pushing people that care away. Love makes feel feel lonely even though I’m not alone. Love makes me want to love you.

To: B. T.

To: A.M.

To: R.R.

To: B.T.

I’m sorry.


Jamari Farmer, 8th

Love is family friend and peers.


Anaya Edwards, 8th

Is an emotional connection.


Daeya Morgan, 8th

Love is a powerful tool

That we might all drool on

Whether it’s scary or sad its glue

It’s the only reason we are functioning

Makes us sad,happy,angry,and scared,but love is

Unforbidden for everyone. Big small,purple ,or pink ,

You deserved to be loved unconditionally in any type of way  


Mariah Biache, 8th grader

Love is NOT a feeling, but a SACRIFICE. It’s blessing to have. Everyone wants someone to love them. It’s something to think about. You know there is someone who you can turn to and ask for help. Someone to comfort you when you are down.

Love is just loving someone for who they are.


Zoe Zarycki, 8th

“Love is the feeling you get when you see that one person, the one person who could hurt you but you would always belong to them, that one person you can’t get enough of. Love is laying in your bed dreaming of the next time you will see them. Love can be dark, you let that person become your life, your reason, that you might get blinded from the bad things. It’s scary because no matter what happens you will love them, you will want them. Sometimes you can’t control it, but love does heal, it is something you crave every second of the day. Love is powerful.”


Aliana Graham, 8th

Love is a feeling, it might be weird or scary but a good feeling. Love is one of those powerful yet soothing feelings, like whenever you hear that person’s laugh, or voice you immediately turn into a marshmallow.  Love is wanting to be there for someone no matter how bad the situation. When you are willing to become a better person for them. Even when that persons messes up, you are prepared to help them and understand that everyone makes mistakes. Even if they aren’t perfect, in your eyes they never fail to amaze you. Regardless the day, good or bad, they always find a way to make you smile.


Gabriela Sierra, 8th

Love is something you have a deep connection with. It doesn’t have to be romantic, nor towards a person, it could be a place, song, movie, pet, etc. Love to me is happiness.


Dean Slater, 8th

Love is an emotion all humans feel. Love is an emotional attachment to something like a dog or person. Love is something we need and without it you go into a dark place in your mind and the only way out is loving something.


Jared Haug, 8th

Love is caring about someone. Love is the feeling you get when someone cares about you.

Love is something you can’t go without.

Love is knowing someone is there for you.

Love is crying in someone’s arms in the middle of the night when you’re sad.


Brooke Frank, 8th

Love is loyalty.

Love is making sure that you are trusted.

Love is an unbreakable bond.

Love is taking care of someone when they need it.

Love is a natural thing that everyone can experience.

Love are the butterflies in your stomach.

Love is trust no matter what.

Love is going beyond and taking risks just to make the other person happy.

Love is staying up all night crying because you miss them.

Love is making sure that you guys are happy.

Love is family.


Valentino Sanchez, 8th

Love is having someone there for you.

Love is a unbreakable bond with someone that you care about forever until the end of the world. Love is something with no strings attached.

Love is the most amazing feeling in your life.

Love is a strong and positive emotion.

Love is family.  


Gavin Hlebik, 7th

Love is putting someone before yourself and caring for them.


Kahlynn Martinez, 8th

Love is confusing.

Love is having someone by your side through thick and thin.

Love is hard to understand.


Corey Hunter, 8th

Love is giving undivided attention.

Love is doing anything for that person.

Love is knowing that they will give all of their heart and soul for you.

Love is laughing.

Love is fighting through hard times.

Love is getting better after bad times.

Love is everything.

Love is all you need.


Jade Munson, 8th

Love is a void that needs to be filled, someone being there when you need them most, a shoulder to cry on, feeling apperciated and wanted. Something or someone that makes you feel amazing, Love makes people crazy. Falling in love can be hard and easy all depending on do you really love it. Love… what a lucid yet hard to describe feeling. If I had to put in all the words that define love for me I’d be writing endlessly.


Zsnae’ Lott-Sims, 8th

Love is someone or something that makes you happy inside and makes you fell something and it could be anything or anyone  that make you happy tell someone you feel and make you happy and loving your family and just telling them how much you love them and caring


Eleny Cordero, 8th

Love is something scary,but have to confront it yourself if you want to experience never know what it’s going to be or who it going to be,it’s almost like a just have to b patient with it,and the best will come.


Alexandria Platt, 8th

Love is humiliation. The butterflies you get in your stomach when you see the person you want to give the key to your heart to, when your cheeks turn red and your mind gets heavy with thoughts and wishes and you can’t help but turn away in embarrassment. Love, is being able to have the courage to express your feelings and deal with the pain accompanied with heartbreak. Love is unconstrained and will always find a way. Race, religion, and gender mean nothing because love should always be blind. Love comes in many shapes and forms and can wake you up from a long lived nightmare of loneliness. Love makes us who we are.


Isaac Mokrane, 8th

Love is not a choice

You don’t choose who you love

But when the going gets tough

That’s when you choose to stay and help who you love


Sarah Lyon, 8th

Love is unconditional. Love is being there for someone when they have no one else. It’s that feeling you get when you look at a certain someone and you know you want to be with them forever. Love is never running out of faith. Love is a simple kiss on the cheek from your grandma or a long hug from your best friend. Love is the little smile that comes across your face just spending time with someone. Love is realizing you’d do anything to make a certain person happy. Love is the answer to sadness, love can make you feel like your floating, but over all love is the emotion that can be shared with anyone.


Jadyn Garrett, 8th

Love is the most addictive drug. You will never hear a person say they don’t want to be loved or appreciated and absolutely mean it. Everybody wants to be loved regardless of their background or race or culture. Sometimes love sucks but most times it’s amazing to love something so much that you would do almost anything to satisfy them because seeing them makes you happy.


Alexa Salazar, 8th

Love is something that can happen instantly. Love gets the best in us in so many ways. It shows that we can be happy. We may not notice love but love is the most amazing feeling. You can have love with an object or people. For me, love is a feeling I wish everyone has, because if people has love in their life, than their will be no fights, no hate, just love and care. I love family, pets, good/bad people and that’s why love makes me happy. Love can be scary but the feeling is beautiful, you feel alive and bold, like you are on top of the world. People are afraid of love because they think they’re not good enough for this world. Love is caring, trusting, saying hi, being happy, and everything that’s good and will make you happy is LOVE. No more violence, because if there is violence, they just need to feel like they are loved and people are always there for them. LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. Just like Jesus, who love us, he is love.


Lauren Brochu, 7th

Love is when your eyes light up at the sound of their name. Love is when you smile into their embrace and the feeling of loneliness when they’re not by your side. When you get excited over the ringtone you set and the sound of their voice over the speaker when you pick up to say hello and goodbye. Love is the overwhelming emotion that you can’t put into words. Love is a feeling not everyone has but is easy to obtain. You would do anything for them if it would grant them happiness. Love is everywhere from the homemade lunches to the morning coffee. You can find love over long distance FaceTime calls, between best friends, grandparents, and pets. Love is essential for a happy life, amazing memories, and grateful mornings. When you send letters instead of emails and stop your car to pick flowers. Love is the warmth directed to you and shared with everyone around you.


Kelly Drewes, 8th

Love is when you have a connection with someone. It doesn’t matter who. It can be romantic, it can be friendship, it can be any connection as long as you care about them and they care about you. Love can be fake to. You can get hurt. I be careful who you trust. It could end beautiful, or a mess.


Ava Pena

Love is unconditional its a deliberate choice- Love is like a plan to love each other rich or poor, in sickness or in health, Basically no  matter what you should love each other no matter what. Love is a commitment. Love should make you feel all warm or like you have butteriles in your stomach. Love is when your going through a storm and still being with that person or group of people, and once that storm is over your still together. Love is always and will always be built NOT “ Hey I like you we should date” its taking your time in getting to know the person. If you really love someone you shouldn’t even think about cheating, lie to them, pretend to love, or hurt you love should make you feel wanted make you feel important and loved. Love is an amazing feeling everyone desereves to be loved no matter, what they had done in the past or how they act now. Again, love is unconditional.


Trevor Thomas, 8th

Love is a bond, a secret, a feeling of hope and joy. Love is like an addiction it’s something that once you have it, it won’t go away easily love is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get. Love is different in many ways and people love is like a mix of emotions and feelings. Love is a special and unique way of saying how you feel about someone.


Kalandria Luna, 8th

Love is a connection between something or someone. A feeling of trust, joy and excitement. Love is a lifelong bond, love is when you’re willing to sacrifice everything for that someone. Love is something you can’t replace, the most important thing in somebody’s life and can some make a person crazy. Love can be a bad or a good thing at the same time and can change a person life in an instant. Love is something that’s so special it can’t be described by a feeling or words. That somebody who will never leave, through thick and thin. Love is the most most complicated thing in someones life. Love is someone who will lend you a shoulder to cry on. Love is someone who will support you no matter where life takes you.  

Love is the what

Madison Williams, 8th

Love is the strongest feeling known to people. Love is knowing that someone is there for you. Probably the most unexplainable feeling ever. It is being there for people and having someone to count on even when your feeling like there is nobody. Love can be difficult. Love can be fun. Love can be confusing. But the most of all love is the most important thing to have in your life.


Caleb Nash, 7th

Love is the feeling that you have for someone or something. It is being there for that person and it is feeling that you can’t describe. When you have love for someone or something it is that feeling of excitement and joy.


Silvia Makori, 8th  

Love is a special, unbreakable bond between people, it’s hard to find but easy  to catch on to. Love is patient and does not keep secrets. Love is completely humble and gentle, it is not violent, love means sacrificing and is fear and handling pain. It is being their for the people that care about you. When you  have love it does not matter whether your rich or poor, because love is everything, and last but not least love is beautiful.


Madison Hambrick, 8th

Love is an unconditional commitment to a imperfect person. To love somebody isn’t just a strong feeling. It’s a decision, a judgement and a promise. Love is taking care of someone when they are sick, love is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Love is forever.


Abra Sinayoko, 8th                                                                                                                                      Love is a strong force that is hard to break. Whether you share that love with something or somebody.


Pieper Jones, 8th                                                                                                                         Love can be passionate,It can be the thing that puts a smile on your face every morning and every night.Love is something that not all experience,but with love comes with a price,heartbreak.The outcome of love is not always what people look forward to. Days of crying, nights of watching sad movies. Only a few experience the love that everyone wants smiles,happiness,and the chance of always having someone by your side.No matter what.


Braden Crouse, 8th

Love is a great thing we have all witnessed or have been apart of love. Love can be a multiple of things. Love is the thing we all want at least once in our lives.


Trinity Rocha, 8th

Love is a drug, it is something that can destroy you the flash of a second. Love is seeing my grandparents every sunday. Love can be happiness.


Sophia Jackson, 8th

‘Love is Responsibility,  making sure you don’t play with it, making sure you use it with caution because one wrong move can mess up everything, making sure you don’t hurt the other person. Not just responsibility but love is making sure there is positivity. Last love is forgiving, forgive the other   when making mistakes is also love to me.


Emily Francis, 8th

Love is something that you don’t mess with and something that you can hurt people. So you have to truly love the person and make sure not to hurt them. Love is also where you can’t just think about yourself but your significant other.


Malaki Rivera,8th

Love is happiness


Alaina Smith, 8th

Love is the strength you get from someone telling you they are there

Love is the way someone looks at you when they think you’re the most perfect person in the room

Love is how your heart swells when someone you love is laughing with joy

Love is sacrifices you make for those you love

Love is the sorrow felt when you lose someone

Love is fear that you may not end up with someone

Love is being the fear of not loving someone.


Mariana Williams, 8th

Love is not a feeling, but a lifestyle. It’s something you live. You don’t love, love you live love with a special thing or person or whatever you want really. Not everybody has love but everyone should love and be  grateful for it. If it weren’t for love I wouldn’t be here. My parents loved each other enough to decide they wanted to have a baby. I decided I loved my friends enough to make them my best friends. So don’t love love, live love.  


Kaylee Horn, 8th

Love, love is amazing, love is scary,love can make you feel things your not comfortable with. Love is something you’ll never forget feeling, love can hurt you as well, but also help you. These things are all going to happen when you love someone, if you truly want to love them, then you’ll have to get through it and live happily with the person you love.


Nathan Stanley, 7th

Love is courage. The courage to dedicate yourself to someone. Love is the way you care for somebody. Love can be scary and it can be joyful. Love can be heartwarming or soul can be whatever you want it to be as long as you believe in it.


Delando Johnson, 8th

Love is unexplainable. Love is waiting for someone forever and thinking about them 24/7. Love is thinking about that one person when you wake up and go to sleep. Love is magic its thinking about that one person in your darkest moments and on your happiest days.Love is dreaming about that person, and waiting as long as it takes for them for whatever they are doing. Love can come when you least expect it. Love is powerful but also vulnerability. Love is magic ,Love is willing to do almost anything for a person. Love is uncontrollable, love is when you have a powerful urge to always be with that one who you know will make you smile in your darkest of moments.


Trinity Norton, 8th

Love is a lot more than the flowers and candy and cards. It’s about being with someone you love the most because Valentine’s Day is the one day a year were we can show our true love how much we really love them, so they can feel extra special. They know you care about them even more than before, and this is what true love is about being with your true love, making the most of it because you don’t have to spend valentine’s day with someone to be special. You are already special no matter how you choose to spend it.   


Madison Spencer, 8th

Love is such a beautiful thing, being in love is one of the best feelings ever. It just makes your heart explode. You never wanna let go of that one person. If something bad happens to them you lose yourself and don’t know what to do. There’s many types of examples of showing love for someone, like going on dates, hanging out with friends, and etc. that one feeling where you can’t get this one person off of your mind. They stick with you through everything no matter what.


Alexis Avitua, 8th

Love is caring for someone. When your feeling down love is when it makes you feel happy. Love is when your always be there. Love is a surprise, you never know where or when you will find it. Love is power it takes over you. Love is when you can’t get a person off your mind.


Alison Meredith, 8th

Love is feeling wanted,

Love is feeling needed.

Love is a power over yourself.

A sensation you feel when someone

Gives you a hug or XXXX


Caitlin Zander, 8th

Love is unforgettable. Love is unshakeable. Love is unbreakable. Love is…everlasting. Love is the feeling of knowing that someone is willing to care for you no matter what. It is the feeling that the only place they wanna be…is right there with you. Love is kind. Love is patient. True love never lets go. Love is the feeling of my mom holding me tight in her arms and feeling warm and content with my world. The feeling that everything right now is perfect and you never want the moment to ever end. Love is… unending, unforgettable,unshakable, everlasting, caring, warm, content, PERFECT!


Bienvenido Padilla, 8th

Love is being there for someone when they need you the most. It’s caring most for who’s most important to you.



Jurnee Clark, 8th

Love is nothing love is fake, I think that it’s something people claim to have but it’s never real, or its only temporary, you can’t love one person forever. Love is too much to keep up with, and it takes to much effort, most people say they love you and never mean it. Love is only a word and anyone can claim it. People can love each other, but they never do forever, someone else will get their attention and they will leave you. Love is a disappointment and you don’t get anything out of it  



Khamirah Culmer, 8th

Love is when two people connect . Love is a word that not very many people use because they don’t know the true meaning. But there isn’t always someone to have that connection with you there are so many people can always find love because they are blinded by the person their that are with someone but there aren’t really feelings or love. But when you find the special one you will know that he or she is the one because there are special feelings that you will feel or get and you  can tell by the way you act around them. People will let you know that you are acting different or you are glowing. But love is dead sometimes like you can be in a relationship and say you love someone but not mean it. The reason why is because love is so easy to say and it is a word we can all say.       



Neqita Houston, 7th

Love is something that not most people use because they don’t know how to use it. Love happens when you like someone a lot staying up just for them so that they can talk to you and so that they can hear your voice.


Dara Tomogun, 8th

Love is when two people feel butterflies when they are around each other and get flustered easily over the littlest things. Love is  a feeling of knowing that someone does not have to take care of you but wants too. It’s a feeling that you never want to leave that person, that you always want to beside them no matter what and want to protect them. It’s a moment you never want to end. Ever.


Faith Fitzsimon, 8th

Love is an amazing thing. Love is something you can’t see but feel. Love is dangerous and confusing but when you find the right person or thing you seem to be very happy and that person or thing will make you feel some type of way that is hard to explain.


Tia Bermudes, 8th

Love is chaotic.

Love is fearsome.

Love is beautiful.

Love is dangerous.

Love is trusting.

Love is full of consequences.

Love is worth waiting for.

Love is tough.


Adrianna McGhee,7th

Love is waking up early to make your family breakfast, love is something you can’t explain to anyone else you have to just feel it for yourself,love is putting others needs in front of yours,love is doing something even if you don’t like it because it’ll make someone happy, love is something you have for multiple people but you love them all differently.


Jenna Contreras-Garcia, 8th

Love is blind. Love is knocking down walls around your heart. Love makes you nervous.


Madelyn Meerscheidt, 8th

Love is staying up till 2 am on the phone, love is caring for each other, love is getting so excited to talk to the each other, love is connecting, love is a feeling you don’t feel with anyone else. On the other hand love can be toxic, love can be dangerous, love can be scary. There are so many different ways to love. Love is spending time with your family, love is getting to put a smile on others faces everyday, love is amazing.


Camryn Wood, 8th

Love is an amazing feeling. Love is a connection you have with someone. Love is when you want to put someone else’s needs before yours. Love is when you want to make someone else happy.

Love is when you get butterflies in your stomach because you get so excited to see someone. Love is beautiful.


Adrianna McGhee, 7th

Love is waking up early to make your family breakfast, love is something you can’t explain to anyone else you have to just feel it for yourself,love is putting others needs in front of yours, love is something you have with multiple people but you love them each in a different way.


Tyla Swanton, 8th

Love is making yourself vulnerable. Love is one of the most scariest things you could do as human. Love could be healing. Love is trusting someone. Love is caring about someone so much that you would do anything for them even if it means hurting yourself and others. Love is a powerful word that shouldn’t be said just to say something. Love is a magical feeling. Love is a feeling that will warm your heart. Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours. Love is making sure your significant other is happy and cared for. Love is sometimes stressful. Love for someone or something is a never ending feeling. Love is something we should never just hand out to anyone. Love is a choice. Love is something you should feel naturally towards your parents no matter what happens. Love is strengthening. Love is something that should knock the breath out of you. Love is something that should make you speechless when you see your partner. Love is an exhilarating roller coaster.


Pablo Ponce, 8th

Love is unforgettable and unbreakable when your attached to a person, place, or thing out of the world. Love makes a strong bond that connects two different people from different areas to together. Everytime love is nearby, it reminds you of the things you love in life and why you were chosen to continue your ancestors journey. Love is you waking up and see your parents or your cat or dog coming towards you to say hi. We are stronger together with love on your side.


Jocelyn Gutierrez, 8th

Love is unbreakable and unstoppable when you’re deeply in love with someone your attached to them.


Kyle Cannon, 8th

Love is something you must find it yourself it doesn’t have to define you.


Emma Schaefer, 8th

Love is scary

Love is powerful

Love is complicated

Love is dangerous

Love is something that could make your life amazing

Love is something that could ruin you


Jonathan Mott, 8th

Love isn’t as important as it’s made out to be. People believe that you need someone else, but it really doesn’t matter. You’re still a person whether you “love” someone, or not.


Rebecca Ryan, 7th

Love is something that symbols a relationship between one another and where you’re there for each other and nothing can stand between you and your partner.

Love is unconditional and he/she cares a lot about you and makes you happy and laugh, he/she makes life perfect and they have a unbreakable bond. A relationship with love is not a “give and take” relationship. Love is something special so don’t break it if you’ve got it.


Tavia Gaston, 7th

What is love

Love is what you feel when around the person you

Love is

Something you said

When you love


Lyna Gonzalez, 8th

Love is everywhere. Love can be healing you when you are in your worst state or healing someone else when they need it. Love is strength. It makes you happy and it makes you feel good. Love can come in many forms. Something as small as a hug to actually telling someone you love them. Love can also be scary. You may love someone who doesn’t love you back. You may open up to someone and trust them and end up getting hurt. Love makes you feel so many emotions like happiness, vulnerability , caring, and may even feel strange to you.


Amara McCollum, 8th

Love is a feeling you have for something or someone. For some relationships it’s always there.The love I have for my parents has always been there. Some love happens over time. The love I have for my friends has come over time. That just goes to show that love can  be found anywhere. You can even love objects like a toy you got when you were younger that you grew up with. Love is everywhere and it is something that everybody needs.


David Hart, 8th

Love is nothing more than emotion you may have for a person or an item. Love is something that should always last forever. Also there is always someone who loves you whether they tell you or not. Next, love is a strong emotion the should never be played around with by anyone. Finally, love is a feeling that people use to connect with each other.


DeLisa Booker, 8th

Love is always around you. Love will make you feel warmth inside. Love is confidence, knowing that someone will always be there for you no matter what make mistake, or how angry you make them. Love is emotions. When you have someone that loves you for you, they will make you feel so happy, sad, and angry sometimes, but that’s just how it is sometimes but at the end of the day they will always be there waiting on you no matter the conditions. Love will always find a way back to you, you may think that there’s no one there, and it’s the world against you but there someone who TRULY loves you for you!


Norah Shannon, 8th

Love can be seen as a feeling of security shared either with your partner,or friends and family.

You can be home one day and suddenly by receiving a text from a person who hasn’t been the nicest to you, you suddenly feel unsafe. The uneasiness settles in and you might feel the need to share that feeling with your family or friends. Knowing that they will be there for you in your time of need makes you feel protected because you know that your support net will always catch you when you most need it.


Kacie Aldrich, 7th

“Love is Dangerous,Sure it can be a good thing falling in love with someone and spending the rest of your days Together,but your also taking A risk of sort.Imagine your ready to confess your undying love for someone and right when you tell them they reject you. Love is just like trying to balance on a balance beam or a tightrope,if you make it to the end your safe but if you fall down your down for.Love is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,don’t slip up or the wolf will attack.Love isn’t all it’s  cracked up to be people,Don’t be tricked”


Logan Ferguson, 8th

“Love is something that you can’t leave. Love is a crazy story ready to be told. Love is something that you can’t predict but is worth it, even if it doesn’t work out. Love is unexpected, sometimes even disappointing. Love is a adventure that is waiting to happen. All of these things show you that love is something that you can’t predict and you have to experience it once or more just to find out what you want or to be able to find what is waiting for you. Love is also great, it changes the person you are in a good way and a bad way, it could make you more humble or even more of a energetic person. Love can even be bad, it could put you in a position where you don’t want to be and even could be a risk for your mental health. Love is Important.”


Preston Leggett, 7th

Love is when in your eyes something or someone is so perfect that they can do no wrong.


Marquise Hamilton 8th

Love is what brings people close. Love is what makes a heals what’s broken. Love can make a day brighter. Love is what makes friends family.


Arianna Fisher, 7th

Love is something is something special in the life you live. Love is with someone that you care about. Love can be the most challageing thing but it is always there when you need it. When you dont think you love someone it can be something hidden. The days you feel broken love is showen  in the shadows. Love is unstoppable.


Jazlyn Garcia, 8th

Love doesn’t have to be your stereo typical romantic couple, it can be different things too. For example, Love can be walking in the door and being licked by your dog. Or even your food. Jazlyn Garcia says “Love in my opinon is my goldfish”.  When it comes to love, there is no hate. When it comes to hate, there is no love. So as long as we have love in our lives, hate will be hard to continue. And that’s what makes love so important.


Bella Oakes, 8th

There is no such thing as hate, just an absence of love.


Love is a person.

Love is his beautiful terracotta skin

Love is his radiant eyes sculpted from bronze and jade

Love is the warmth of his hug, the chill of when he’s gone

Love is his vibrant ocean of black curls that sit upon his head.


Love is a place.

Love is your bedroom when you’re feeling down

Love is an ancient hiding spot from childhood

Love is your favorite restaurant

Love is an early morning errand run


Love is a thing.

Love is sitting out on your porch at dawn watching the sunrise with a warm cup of coffee

Love is when you know you should be over the butterflies, but nevertheless they’re still there

Love is comfort after a tragedy

Love is a new box of crayons as a child


Christian Grant, 8th

Love is the key of happiness even when your sad.

Love is everything to you but only when you find it


Kenzie Jones, 8th

Love is something you feel its like something magical just happened to you. You feel like you can do anything because something amazing just happened to you. Just the little things can make you feel like you are love. You feel loved when you know someone important to you really cares about you.  

Ava Hunter 8th,

Love is a feeling that everyone has, or feels. It makes you feel indestructible. Love doesn’t always have to be about a person. It can include an activity, pet, or even the feeling of love. Many people experience love within a blink of the eye. This feeling can make you do the craziest things. You will do anything for them, it. This feeling is also extremely toxic.  


Elizah Hamilton, 8th

Love is something that everyone has for someone in their life.

When you love someone, you’re putting them above lots of other people, including yourself.

When you love someone, you’re always going to be there for them and they’ll always be there for you. Love can be the key to happiness, if you believe that it is. Love can be a lot of things… it might not be the same for everyone.


Lauren Handley, 8th

Love is a deep affection towards something or someone. Love is patient and kind. Love is being able to admit your flaws and imperfections without feeling judged. Love is trust and confidence in yourself and others around you. Love is being kind to others no matter what because that’s how you want to be treated. Love is forgiving.


Grace Barco, 8th

You can put all your love and heart into someone then in a blink of an eye it’s gone. All your effort you put into a person all because of love can be gone just like that. Love hurts in so many ways. It can shatter your heart into pieces. Love is so unforgiving and merciless. There is no such thing as love because all it does is bring sadness, heartbreak and sorrow into your life.


Caleb Mouser, 7th

Love is really indescribable, everyone has their own, personal, meaning for love

To some people, love is having someone that loves and cares for them,

To have someone to confide with, to have someone to talk with, to have someone to trust in

To some people, love is having someone to love on and care for,

To help their friends, lovers, family or others, to be there for them when they’re going through rough times

Love is compassionate and caring, and it’s always there for you.

Even if you just got through a break-up, divorce, or you lost a friendship,

Love is still there, because there is still someone else out there that cares for you, even if you don’t realize it.

And even if you know that there is not one, NOT EVEN ONE person that cares about you, LOVE IS STILL WITH YOU, because you still have the capacity and the ability to love others and to show others you care.


Raelyn Jernigan, 8th

Love is easy

Love is hard

Love is one of the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose

Sometimes it doesn’t work

Love can be scary

Love is love

We love without thought  

Danielle Vicencio, 8th

Love is when you care so much for someone you would absolutely hate to lose them, and if you were to lose them you would have the guilt that it was your fault, or that you did something to drive them away.


Anaya Bryant, 8th

Love is a lot of things, love can cause you so much pain and love can make you really happy. Love is a very strong word, and love is sometimes put in front of other things. Love can be a big risk and love sometimes can very scary. We can control sometimes when you love someone. Love can make you very sad, but very happy at the same time its just matters which path you choose. Love can cause a lot of pain but at the end happiness.

Evan Sawyer, 8th

Love is what makes us care. Love is when you know that person and you like what and who that person is. Love makes us all a bit crazy from time to time. Love is something that will never be fully explained. Love is spontaneous and never expected so no matter what you are doing no matter who you are and that one person walks in, you know what you love. Nothing will make sense once you find real true love and nothing else will divert your attention if you have chosen the right person.


Jayla Doane, 7th

Love can make you happy or sad. Love is the feeling you get when you’re around someone special or doing something that makes you feel fuzzy. Sometimes when you’re around someone you love you get a really dumb smile on your face and that’s okay. Love can be a form of expression, a way to explain your emotions, or a way to simply say you appreciate what people do for you. Love can make you feel scared, afraid, terrified, happy, depressed, over-emotional, crazy, or just plain old giddy. That’s okay. There is no right or wrong kind of love. It could be the love you feel for your parents, siblings, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, son or daughter, best friend, cousin, grandparents, aunt and uncles and more. Love can make you feel like the whole world is against you or that the whole world appreciates you. It can go either way. It can make you feel out of your mind once you’ve fallen for someone. It can be easy to tell yourself you’re in love, but it’s hard to find the perfect person for you.


Tyler Pickering, 8th

When love strikes, a couple is born.

With every couple, happiness goes higher.

The higher happiness is key to the peaceful world.

Without love, war is endless.

Endless war causes the death of happiness.

When love strikes you, don’t ignore it

Instead, spread it.

That is the key to the purest world.


Sophia Lee, 8th

Love to me is a gay relationship.

It may sound weird, or strange, but

What I mean is, love is pretty much gay,

I’m not talking about a gay that hurts the heart of

Ones that come out as any sexuality, and makes it seem careless.

I’m talking about the gay that makes people feel more human,

More in the pack, and lets others matter most.

Because what if his Valentines might be a dude, and hers a girl?

Do I mind it? No. Not even a little bit.

Because God made all living beings,

Including gay ones.

To you they may look different to the eye, but what I think, deep down within,

Love to them is gay.

So while many people will say “Love is this”, or

“Love is that” it’s best to understand one thing:

There’s not always

The straightest rainbow in the sky.


Noah Irish, 8th

“Love is like a blind squirrel that finds a nut.”


Aaron Garcia, 8th

Love is the feeling of never letting someone go.

The fear that if they leave you’d be broken forever, numb.

Thinking about you and that special person smiling together.

Memories surfacing through the grapevine.

Never lonely when your flowing through my mind.

When your gone I cannot help it.

Lost in a pessimistic state of perception.

I guess i’m at a loss for words, to feel so close to someone, and for them to be gone the next day

I guess you never realize how permanently damaging that is.


Zachary Thigpen, 8th

“Love is a human emotion from the primal ages.

Love is the feeling of wanting to be with someone who has something in common with you.

Love is the thing that keeps people united in hard times

Love is something that the whole word can share.

We all want love because it is what makes us happy in life.” 

Avery Hirsch, 7th

Love is kind,

It is last resort.

Love is the only thing that keeps you from breaking;

It has the strength of gravity,

And has the durability of graphene.

Love should be cherished;

It shouldn’t be taken for granted…

Like Lionel Richie says, “Love can conquer all.”


Zharia Spann, 8th

What is love?

Love is the smile you get when looking at them

Love is the happiest you feel when around them

Love is when you can’t get them out of your head

Love is when you feel sad when they leave and rejoice when they come back

That is what love is…..  


Darius Williams, 8th

Love Is when you feel that you have a specific connection with one another love Is when you trust someone so bad that you feel you never want to lose them, love Is when ur heart Is pounding so hard you can’t help but to want that person and for the most part love Is contagious cause It affects others too. But I personally feel that love is when you meet the one person that loves the real you and will support you through life and all. It’s obstacles.


Nathan Blake, 7th

Love is when you get that golden scar in Fortnite, love is when your mom bakes you tater tots and brings them to you, love is when your allowed to get v bucks, love is when your dad comes home from work early to play video games with you, love is shrek, love is  love.This is supposed to funny, because it is love. Depend on your friends and family.


Reagan Pena, 8th

Love is scary when you don’t know what to do

Love is stressful

Love is hurtful when you lose the one you love the most

Love is confusing

Love is communication you have to have communication to be in love  


Paul Hodo, 8th

Love is in all of us

Love is all around

Love is family

Love is power

Love is him.

Love is the world


Ryan Maurer, 8th

Love is when you care about someone deeply.

Love is when you put someone else’s needs before yours.

Love is when you don’t micromanage someone when they go in your chest in Minecraft

Love is the best feeling in the world.


Sydney Griggs, 8th

Love is when you let those special to you see your most vulnerable side.

Love is giving them OP on your personal minecraft server, not fearing if they may use that power to grief the entire server.

Love is the desires of your heart, be it drawing to your heart’s content or crying over a wholesome yet sad scene in a video game.


Sophia Simon, 8th

Love is a temple for your heart’s deepest desires

Love is a garden that only grows hope

Love is a tree that produce candy apples only

Love is the first rain drop before a big storm.

Love to me is him.


Jose Bermudez, 8th

Love is when you have butterflies in your stomach

Love is something you believe is true

Love is how you feel toward something

Love is when you want have feelings

Love is something you can’t explain to yourself

Love is everything towards you

Love is a strong bond towards anything

Love is what you find beauty in anything

Love is what happens when you hold someone or something dear to you

Love is when you respect someone for who they truly are    


Arianna Reuss, 8th

Love is when you can tell the other person everything without feeling judged

Love is when you and the other person laugh at each others super stupid jokes and know that they know exactly what your talking about

Love is when you feel safe when you are with them and knowing that they would put your needs in front of theirs in a heartbeat

Love is knowing that the person will be there for you when you need them and will do anything for you

Love is loving the persons flaws and accepting that they are not perfect which makes you love them more


Sakina Burhani, 8th

Girls are like apples on trees.The best ones are at the top of the tree and the rotten ones are at the bottom.Boys are lazy and would rather pick the rotten ones and leave the ones who are best for them and really care hanging at the edge of a branch.When the boys come running back to the tree knowing they made a mistake the good loving girls are gone with someone else. Get the one u want and truly love before someone else does.


Katlyn Thomas, 7th

Love is like glass

It’s fragile and precious

It persuades them to do the craziest of things

It shatters so easily but looks so gorgeous

You stumble trying to mend the broken

Love hurts so much sometimes but

It can feel so good too

It makes them crazy

Love doesn’t listen

It follows its own beat and

Sometimes we don’t want to love

But it’s best to let it bloom and see where it leads


Tyler Mohlenhoff, 8th

Love is confusing

Trust me it is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it.


Holley Crabtree, 7th

Love to me is the way you show someone that you care about them alot not just giving something. I  like to show it because it shows more and it is worth more than anything because it is a feeling an emotion not just chocolate or something that you can buy because it can last longer cause it will be in you heart for a long time .


Anthony Montemayor, 8th

Love is when you know she is there for you when you had a bad day. When she makes you smile just with the smallest words. When she gets mad when you buy her things even when she says she doesn’t need anything. To me that’s what love is and I’m happy to have a girl to do all that with…Someone


Aaliyah Simmons, 8th

Love is the feeling of comfort around another person. Being around them can cheer you up from a bad day. You don’t need much from them since their company is more than enough for you.

James Ahrens, 8th

Love is when you are willing to take a bullet to save someone’s life or do something unthinkable to help someone in any way.  Love is when u wish nothing but the best for someone. Love is when you stay in someone’s life to help them not hurt them. Love is magic it can truly save someone’s life. God gave us two of a lot of things but he never gave us a second heart love is when you find that second heart.   

Thomas Stinson, 8th

Love is something that makes you feel good inside. Something that you have to give and get back and makes  you feel happy. Love is something that you have to put that person’s feelings before yours and make her feel special. That little topic that makes her feel special on a bad, horrible day. Love is when you only focus on the best thing in that person, their heart.


Zoe Robalino, 8th

Love is an addiction

Love is an drug

Love is scary

Love can make you feel special or it can break you down

Love is an emotional roller coaster

Love is vulnerability

Love can be the reason you have tear stains or love can be the reason you smile

Love can make your heart flutter or burst, the sad thing is

Love comes in many ways but we’re too blind to see it

Trenton Urbina, 8th

Love is the dying care of another human being. It’s when two people get to know each other and then start thinking of themselves more freely around them. Love is a variety of strong, positive and emotional moods. Love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person that will sometimes include sexual desire where as other times it could be as simple as a relationship in the 1st grade. No matter how many times your heart may have been broken there’s always someone out their waiting for you to enter their own life and began an everlasting relationship with you. Love is everything. Love is life.


Julius Torres, 8th

Love is the candle you have when in complete darkness. It is the smallest flame in the world with the brightest light. Love is the sweetest part in the sourest candy. Love is the one thing that makes us alive. Love will make you do things you never thought possible. It’ll make you build the sun for someone in the tiniest toolshed. Love is the only thing in life that matters. It comes in different shapes and forms. Maybe through a dog or a cat. Maybe through your siblings or your parents. No matter where you are, love is there with you.


Amber Berry, 7th

When I think of love, I like to think of the science behind it. And there happens to be a great deal of it. It’s not that surprising but very interesting. There are three basic parts to it. First attraction which is governed mainly by pheromones, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Lust which is controlled by estrogen and testosterone, for both females and males. Lastly, Long-term attachment, which is driven by two different sets of hormones, Oxycontin and vasopressin, encourage bonding. Funny enough Oxycontin is popularly known as the cuddle/love hormone, and drives the affection between mother and child.

There is also Sternberg’s triangular theory of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Intimacy being at the top of the triangle while passion and commitment are on the bottom two angles. Intimacy represents familiarity, friendship and closeness. Passion refers to the drive that leads to romance/physical attraction. Commitment refers  that one loves a certain other. The three components can all interact or none at all. For example if intimacy and passion interact it is called romantic love but if passion interacts with commitment interact it creates compassionate love. If all three interlock it is called consummate love. According to the theory there are eight different types: non love, infatuation, compassionate love, romantic love, liking, empty love, fatuous love, and consummate love.      

It’s been quite a journey as of late to witness the love of mother and child in my home. My sister who has recently given birth to two children, the bonding experience unfolding before my eyes has been one of the most rewarding experiences in love.  


Kates Brewster, 8th

Love is abusive sometimes…


I fell through a rosebush

Fell off my feet

Into your loving embrace.

Your petals, oh they were so soft, those are what made me fall for you

Occasionally as I fell through the endless garden of endless love and admiration,

I found a thorn.

Of course, every relationship has its fights.

But soon it did more than prick me.

It tore at my skin

Leaving bloody trails and bruises..

It’s ok though. I love how the petals feel as you promise not to hurt me again.

They soothed the wounds.

Soon they became rarer and rarer to find.

I was surrounded by thorns and the rose petals that were there were rotting and dead.

I tried to get out but the thorns dug and tore when I tried to move so I stayed, trying to avoid getting blood on my hands.

I never knew that when everything would stop hurting was when I hit the ground, body bloody from thorns and not a rose petal in sight.