Spotlight: Mrs. Marchese is my favorite teacher


Alexis Rodriguez

Alexis and Mrs. Marchese (A Sellfie)

Alexis Rodriguez, Staff reporter

Mrs. Marchese is my favorite teacher because she makes me feel happy. She also helps me with Science, Math, and ELA and that makes me feel good, too.

She is nice to me. She always lets me show her pictures from my ipad and she likes it when I show her the pictures. I like that after school when I have tutoring, she can take me to my grandpa’s car so I can be with her after school, but the one thing I like the most is that I got to take a picture twice with her this school year and so I could be with her all the time, even when I am out of school for doctors’ appointments.

I have a lot of stuff in common with Mrs. Marchese. She also likes Whataburger like my family does. She also likes the TV show Andi Mack too– just like me and my grandma and my mom. I should give her my mom’s phone number so we can FaceTime my mom and all watch it together and she can say hi to grandpa too.

I like to  be a good friend to Mrs. Marchese, so when I’m at lunch she comes to see me and on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make her feel good, so I gave her a Valentine card and a big hug. Mrs. Marchese likes it when I give her hugs. She is my favorite teacher.