PV: STAAR Should Not Continue

Emma Norman, Reporter

n my opinion, the STAAR should not continue. The STAAR is too stressful for most students. Teachers always tell their students that you won’t go to the next grade if you don’t pass the STAAR which puts even more stress and pressure on the students which makes them destacted. STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. Now I get that they do the STAAR to see where you are at and how much you know about what you have learned over the year. Teachers teach so much that students have to remember some STAAR test are not what they taught you, or a different ways of solving it.

According to Texas Public Radio “There are also concerns that the stakes are too high for both students and the schools themselves, that teachers are obligated to just teach the test, and that standardized test results don’t tell the full story of a child’s potential.” said by Jeff Wheatcraft, a teacher at Alamo Heights Junior High School and a Texas Association. It puts a lot of stress also on teachers all year.

The STAAR is a test that all public schools in Texas take,  from grades 3-12. The STAAR is all different kinds of subjects such as math, social studies, science, writing and reading. Different grades take different ones, you might not take all subjects in one grade but later on you will.

The test is given in the spring, you are given 4 hours to complete the test.

According to Texas Assessment Management System, STAAR test for grades 3-8 and EOC are offered in both online and paper formats. STAAR is the state’s testing program and is based on state curriculum standards in core subjects. Two Texas lawmakers are working to pass a state law that would eliminate standardized test passing requirements to pass students to the next grade.” according to NEWS4SA.