Avengers: Endgame- Snap Into Students Minds

Kailee Mishler and

*SPOILERS* Avengers Endgame, according to Variety.com, is the 2nd highest money making film. It was a hit making 2.188 billion dollars passing up The Titanic. The previous record holder was Avatar which took 47 days, but Avengers took 11 days. In this movie 2 of our characters die and one retires due to a contract ending. This includes Iron man, played by Robert Downey Jr., Black Widow- played by Scarlett Johansson, and Captain America, played by Chris Evans.

Collin Howard, 8th grader, says he enjoyed going to watch Avengers: Endgame.“I was pretty excited because of the build up.” With the death of the characters he felt,” pretty sad because you grew up with those characters.” His favorite character was Iron Man and it was pretty sad when he died. His favorite scene is at the last battle when everyone comes back from the soul stone.

Ben Melton, 8th grader, said going into end game,” I was getting hyped, I’ve been waiting for this movie forever!” He said he was sad and with the deaths,” I was pretty ok with it because at least they’re happy with their decision.” His favorite character is fat Thor because it reminded him of Santa. His favorite scene is where Hulk and Bruce Banner are in a mix and then he dabbed. Over all in his opinion it was a good movie.

Kyle Cannon, 8th grader, felt really good about Endgame, but he was disappointed that Iron Man died and Captain America retired. Cannons favorite scene is when we were introduced to fat Thor popping beers with his axe. The movie was,“too long but felt short,” he said.


The movie starts off drift in space where Iron man and Nebula are trying to find a way back to earth. Captain marvel goes into space and brings Nebula and Iron Man home before death. Next they, the Avengers, find a way to stop Thanos, get the infinity stones, and find a way to get everyone back, soon to find out that Thanos had destroyed them. After Thor decapitates Thanos all hope is lost for a few years. Ant man comes out of the quantum realm and finds what’s left of the Avengers. They find a way to build a time machine, go back in time, get the infinity stones, and use the soul stone to get everyone back. They come into complications when Nebula is kidnapped by Thanos and tortured by the past Nebla, Thanos, and Gamora (Gamora died in infinity war by force for the soul stone). Past Thanos uses Nebulas memory to find that Iron man has the infinity stones, so he doesnt half to travel the universe to get them. Every one decides Hulk/Bruce should put the gauntlet on and bring half the living species back, but it almost kills him in the process. Past Thanos now goes to earth and fights for them and when our battle starts we get a good look of what appears to be Captain America holding Thor’s hammer. Our battle begins when Thanos brings his army and Doctor strange opens a portal back to earth bringing everyone who faded, back. It is now the fight for the infinity gauntlet. Near the end of the movie we lose Iron Man because he had to take on the job of wearing the gauntlet which when he snapped his fingers he died. After the battle we have a funeral for Iron Man and Captain America put the infinity stones back to where they were in time. Finally Captain America retires.

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