The STAAR Test Shouldn’t Exist

Kailee Mishler, Staff Reporter

The STAAR test is never fun .The star test shouldn’t exist  It stresses teens to a point that cannot be taken, partially not on grade level, and teachers don’t even like it. The ones that don’t pay attention in class are usually the people who guess and get done within 45 minutes. The kids who pay attention get done within 2 hours or more.

A national public radio talk explained that maybe the teachers were getting tested more than the students. If this is true, why are we getting held back for failing? It’s not our faults the teachers didn’t do their job.

On a national public radio talk show,“There are also concerns that the stakes are too high for both students and the schools themselves, that teachers are obligated to just teach the test, and that standardized test results don’t tell the full story of a child’s potential”

In a D magazine article: “For grades three through six, students read passages that are written, on average, two grades above their comprehension level Ok pause, to go to third grade you half to pass the 3nd grade STAAR test. That’s at least what I was told. So how do you expect a third grader to read 5th grade level. “Dr. Becky Sinclair and Dr. Susan Szabo, who conducted the study, say that can damage self-esteem and reading confidence. They released the findings this week.” Two grade levels above the original!

This is where the stress comes to play. You’re so focused on passing because the fear of failing is torture. Some people’s parents get mad and others are disappointed. The reading STAAR test is designed to make you bored. The creators know what students don’t want to read and would make them tired within the first 2 stories. The math portion seems like it is on grade level just bigger numbers and, for example, if your in 8th grade it gives you stuff you also learned from previous years.

Listen, I get that you’re trying to test us, but if teachers are going to help us prepare, they should at least know what’s coming for their students. Out of all of this mess, the STAAR test shouldn’t even exist. It brings down kids self esteem and makes them feel like they’re not smart. One thing every student and teacher should remember is the STAAR test does not determine whether you are smart or not. It determines are you taking in information given by teachers.