The Best Day Of Sasha Contreras Life

Kailee Mishler, Staff reporter

At jordan intermediate school in Mrs. Millers class, Sasha Contreras says the best day of her life is, “The last day of school in 5th grade cause we had a big party and I had a lot of friends.” The room was packed people brought goodie bags and stuffed animals. It wasn’t cold but peers still brought blankets and pillows. Sasha and her friends talked a lot and ate, but the teacher would get mad that they were too loud. A lot of people were in Pjs, others wore dresses and nice clothes. Sasha and her friend planned matching Pjs,“it was fun dressing up with her.”

The teacher played a movie, National treasure, and kids ate foods which it ran out fast, plus there were board games. Veryful and packed from kids in different classes. A lot of others were going to the office because they were in the wrong class. “They thought they could do whatever they wanted because it was the last day of school,” said contreras. There wasn’t any fighting but some tears. The popular kids sat at one table away from the others. Everyone stayed in one class all day.

Sasha says her and her friends were drawing portraits of each other, “they were very ugly.”

People got on there phones and listened to music and everyone went to other classrooms to get year books signed. At the end of the day everyone got their goodie bag and people were crying because they were gonna miss their friends. Though, it was also awkward because they were crying in front of each other.