NJHS induction ceremony recognizes top students

Lauren Brochu, staff reporter

Many people do whatever they can to secure their future desires, and that means always trying your best whether it be in school or out of school. Recently, Dobie Jr High chose highly regarded students to participate in a program called National Junior Honors Society, or NJHS.

According to the NJHS website, this program recognizes outstanding young students who have shown character traits such as scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. The introduction ceremony was held at Steele High School and talked about the benefits and honor it is to be nominated. The NJHS introduction meeting is one of the most important days that the recognized students will participate in, as it will make them outshine others in college and job applications.

Some students such as Noelani Ajel, 7th grade, feel grateful that they are a part of NJHS, but don’t think that they will participate in the years to come. “The ceremony was very interesting, but I don’t think that I will stay in it for very long because they want you to be completely committed, but I have other things to do like sports.” Ajel says that the ceremony made her feel accomplished and that they were different than everybody else.

Deanne Roberts, 7th, said that she feels like a better person after joining NJHS. “They treated us all very respectfully and professionally,” Roberts said. During the introduction ceremony, they informed the students and parents about what it means to be in National Junior Honors Society and what an honor it is. “My favorite part was when the 8th graders were lighting the candles to represent the different branches of NJHS,” Roberts said.

Kelsey Koenig states that during the ceremony they announced who the Vice President is, and why everyone was invited. “There were about 60 to 80 students at the ceremony,” Koenig says, just goes to show you how talented our students are. “Being part of NJHS I think will push me to keep my grades up and fix my attendance,” Koenig said.

The newest NJHS members learned just what they were getting into during the introduction ceremony held only days ago. They should be just as proud as themselves as everyone else is. NJHS isn’t a program to be overlooked as when it comes down to it, it could help get into the first college of your choice. The students accepted into National Junior Honors Society do their best everyday and we have a lot to learn from them.