The best day of Gabby Sierra’s life

Jade Munson, Staff reporter

It was just a routine day wake up, go to school, try to learn something new, come home maybe get something to eat, probably homework. But secretly Gabby Sierra’s mom and step dad squeezed in surprise birthday trip to Florida into the seemingly ordinary day. “They surprised me when I got home from school it was a week before my birthday, I cried happily” Sierra said.

Soon Sierra and her family were off flying out to the beautiful sunshine state they had many birthday like festivities on their vacationing list starting with with Miami which going to there was her least favorite because it’s not kid friendly at night because of the partying, drinkers and people acting crazy. There was  even a little bit of an altercation between Sierra’s family and a hard partier.

When Sierra was little she saw a music comedy group called Blue Face, in Las Vegas but ,she doesn’t remember much about it so as another stun her parents took her to one of their shows in Miami .“They’re a Blue faced painted group kind of comedy show, I saw them in Vegas and in Florida they play music and they don’t speak it’s really funny because of their facial expressions” Sierra said.

Next stop every kids dream Disney World, “Animal Kingdom was fun but, there wasn’t a lot of roller coasters so I would want to go somewhere with most roller coasters like Epcot or Universal Studios and,we went to this chocolate factory connected to universal studios and I got a huge chocolate milkshake with rice krispies on the top” Sierra said,

The Sierra’s plan to go back to Florida  because of how amazing and smooth the trip went. Sierra’s favorite part of the trip was going to Key West Florida because of the beautiful clear ocean water and breathtaking scenery. “I would love to see my step dad’s family again” Sierra said.