The best day of Eleny Cordero’s life


Silvia Makori

Eleny Cordero

Silvia Makori, Staff Reporter

The best day of  Eleny Cordero’s life was a Good Friday on April 14, 2017. Cordero was sent to the front office and she was scared. “I was sent to the office and I thought I was in trouble, it was really scary.” she said. When Cordero got to the front office and they told her she was being dismissed she was confused because her parents always told her when they would pick her up.

Cordero got in the car and her parents started driving. About a minute after she go in the car  she felt a tap on the shoulder. She turned back and what she saw almost made her pass out. It was her brother, the brother she had not seen in almost a year. “When I saw my brother my eyes were filled with tears and it felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest!” Cordero said.

Good old days

After Cordero and her brother settled down they went to get frozen yogurt, they also went home to play video games and eat pizza. “It felt just like old times when I was little and he would  always be there to make me laugh,” Cordero said. When Cordero’s brother was there she felt as if all her worries were lifted off of her shoulders.

Parting Ways

Cordero could remember her last days with her brother. “I cherished  every last moment I had with him before he left,” she said. When it was time for her brother to leave  they drove to the airport together and Cordero was not ready to go, she did anything to try to make him come back. “I remember at the airport clinging on to his jacket and how hard I tried to stop him from leaving,” she said. Nothing she  tried ever worked and that made her so sad, when he boarded the airplane she new that it was not a bad dream: he was actually gone.