The best day of Kelly Drewes’ life

Sarah Lyon


Kelly Drewes says that the best day of her life was a dream come true. It all happened on her phone and it was completely unexpected. She got the opportunity to talk to actor Noah Schnapp on an Instagram livestream on June 30th 2018. Drewes was on a friend of Noah Schnapp’s live stream.

Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers on the Netflix Original Series, “Stranger Things”. “Noah is one of the main characters in Stranger Things and he’s such an amazing actor, and he’s very outgoing with his fans,” Drewes said.

On the live stream, Drewes was talking to another fan and former friend of Noah’s. After a little bit of talking about theories on the upcoming season of Stranger Things Noah actually joined the live stream. Drewes said she was freaking out when she saw that he’d joined,” At first I didn’t really realized he’d joined the livestream. I saw a bunch of people were saying hey Noah, so I went through the viewers and saw he had joined. I just sat there in shock for a while,” she said.

They talked about a pickup line he’d used in the past and how people joked about it. “I wish I would have asked him if he had any acting advice or talked about my theory on Stranger things season three,” Drewes said. Noah even said he was very happy to have met her and that he wouldn’t forget about her.

Drewes was ecstatic to have talked to Noah. She was really caught up in the moment, and couldn’t believe she’d actually talked to her favorite actor. Someday she really wants to meet Noah, it’d be a dream come true for her.” After the livestream ended I went and i told all my friends. Even the day after it didn’t really feel real, I thought it was all a dream,” she said. “Looking back, I am still surprised. I am one person out of the 8 million people who follow him on Instagram. He could have completely ignored me but he chose to talk to me,” she said.

“ I would definitely say that talking to NOah that night was the best day of my life” Drewes Said.