Kindness Column


Kalandria Luna , Staff Reporter


Kindness is so hard to find in this modern world, people are so caught up in their own life they forget that others are going through their own problems. It’s not that people are unkind and have no empathy it’s that people forget that  other people have problems of their own. Sometime being caught up in our own problems a simple act of kindness can slip the mind and seems like a inconvenience. But a simple act of kindness can put a smile on the person in need and even yours.


There are many ways to act kind to a person such as giving a person in need of money a few dollars, saying hi to a stranger and even donating clothes or food to a charity. Kindness is not just charity work it’s also letting people know that you’re listening to them and will always lend a helping hand when in need.


Kindness is not just a action it is also a conversation with a person who is in need of listening to their problems.  Kindness can seem like a little thing in a big world but helping someone in need can put a smile on a person’s face even on the darkest of days.Every person who lends a helping hand in a act of kindness make the world a better place.