PV: The STAAR test is not effective

Sarah Lyon

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR is a test over all the material students are supposed to lean in the school year. To me STAAR is not the most efficient way to see if students know material. Students get nervous and aren’t tested over the right material which makes the STAAR test inefficient.

Students often get extremely nervous about STAAR testing which causes them to feel sick, or even choke up on the test. I’ve heard many stories about kids throwing up or passing out because of the stress that is put on them. I personally get anxious about the test as well, I get worried about what’ll happen if I fail the test or don’t finish it. I feel the nerves could be avoided if the state and teachers measured the students knowledge in a different way. For example,  teachers could gather all the test grades throughout the year and average the students scores. According to “Texas Monthly” website, Some people think the STAAR test and the test process may be rigged, but STAAR is a significant requirement for graduation.

Another argument going around is if the STAAR tests students on the right material. Students are tested on math and reading, but why aren’t we tested on real life skills like how to interact with others. According to “Texas Public Radio’ science teacher Jeff Wheatcraft also believes the STAAR test tests students on the wrong material,“There’s 21st century skills like being able to collaborate and communicate,”. I personally think we, as students, should be tested on things like speech,  how to do simple taxes, how to talk to adults, how to figure out what career you should fall into. I’ve met and know people who can’t hold a conversation with an adult, or don’t know how to pronounce simple words. Many kids are tremendously smart in school, they could pass the STAAR with flying colors but the cannot order for themselves at a restaurant.

More into my personal opinion,I think STAAR is overall a waste, It’s too stressful on kids and it only shows results for a small portion of skills. I understand the overall concept of taking the test is to make sure students are absorbing the knowledge that is tough throughout the year, but I also think the whole STAAR system is flawed. Students feelings towards the test should be taken to mind before we continue to make the STAAR test mandatory.