Staying Safe During the Flu Season

Kalandria Luna, Staff Reporter

Flu season is here and in the air.The flu or influenza is a common viral infection, this virus can be spread by coughs, sneezes, handshakes and hugs. The flu is spread easily and can easily be caught be even breathing and touching doorknobs and blankets.


Since the flu can be caught easily it is important to know the symptoms. Symptoms of the flu are a fever over one hundred degrees, headaches, persistent cough, sore throat and a congestion nose. The flu can still be caught by someone getting over. The flu is  still contagious up to five to seven days after the illness. “ Making sure not to sneeze into my hand and not having to do anything with germs and stuff.” said Abra


However there are still ways to protect yourself from the flu and also preventing it. How you keep from spreading the flu is washing hands “ very Important”, said Alexa Salzar . Not to touch your nose mouth or eyes. Lastly to cover your mouth with a tissue and  sneezing into you’re elbow even if your not sick. Staying home and taking care of you’re self is also very important.


The flu is a serious disease and the flu shot is very important and can prevent the flu. The best time to get the flu vaccine is at the end of October. The vaccine can take up to two weeks to for the antibodies to develop and protect the body against the influenza virus.  This is why flu vaccinations are so important “ I do, I get vaccinated every year” said Mrs. Preyor- Johnson. The Flu is a very serious Infection that can sometimes result in death. Getting vaccinated and making sure to take care of yourself is very important.