Best Day of Alexandria’s Platt life

Kalandria Luna, Staff Reporter


The best day of anyone’s life is something that they will never forget and symbolizes how they feel about that day. The best day for Alexandria Platt would be when she got her first boyfriend. Alex said she was very happy and surprised.  


His name was Omar. She really liked his personality. He was kind and honest. He had short brown hair and his eyes were brown and they would sit next to each other in the cafeteria. “And we would pass notes to each other during class,” she said.


“The best day of my life would have to be when I got my first boyfriend,” said Platt. “I liked him for a long time; it was the first time I was ever in love. I was in second grade. This day was the  best day of my life because it was very exciting. We weren’t really friends before he asked me out. When he asked me out I felt adrenaline and I was super happy.”


She thought it was too good to be true. “At first I really didn’t believe him at first and thought he wasn’t serious, but after we talked about it he said he was serious,” she said.


Platt said this is the best day of her life because it was her first serious relationship and a great experience that is a very pleasant and heartwarming memory that she keeps close to her heart. She said they stayed together about seven months and it was a positive experience. She said they only broke up because of their parents. “It’s complicated, but it’s still a good memory for me because it was the first time I ever experienced love.”