Best day of Delando Johnson’s life


Trinity Rocha

Delando Johnson

Emma Schaefer, Staff Reporter

Delando Johnson, 8th grader, said that the best day of his life was his first trip to Six flags. He was in 7th grade at the time. It was a band trip, so he had to go to school. “I felt really excited that morning because I had never been to Six Flags. Everyone always talks about how fun it is,” Johnson said.  He had to wait 30 minutes for the band directors to be ready to leave. The drive there was about 45 minutes to Six Flags. On his way, he started to feel excited to see what everyone had been talking about.

When Johnson arrived, it took a long time for all the buses to get through the gates. “I started to feel really excited, but also anxious while waiting because there were a lot of rides. I didn’t know what to expect,” said Johnson.

When he got into the park, the first ride he went on was the White Water Rapids. It was a water ride, so he didn’t think it was too scary. While on the ride, he felt relaxed because it was in water. “The ride was super fun and I couldn’t wait to go on more,” said Johnson.

After he was off that ride he went to go look at rides with his friends. He started to get an idea of which ones he planned on riding. His chaperone had texted him and told him that it was time to eat. “The food was very expensive, but good!” said Johnson. He got a burger and a soda.

Johnson’s favorite part was towards the end of the day when he rode The Boomerang. It was his first thrill ride. The ride started to go backwards and it was extremely high up. “I started to have second thoughts. I even thought about telling the operator to stop the ride,” said Johnson. The ride went backwards and just stopped. Johnson was confused, but before he could think it shot forward. After he got off the ride, he was glad he went on it because it was fun.

He stayed there from 10:30 in the morning to 8 at night. “It felt like a shorter time because I was so busy having fun,” he said. At the end of the trip Johnson felt really accomplished because he went on his first thrill ride. “Everyone who said it was a fun place was right. I had so much fun,” said Johnson. He loved spending time with all his friends outside of school.