The best day of Emma Schaefer’s life


Trinity Rocha

Emma Schaefer

Delando Johnson, Staff Reporter

Emma Schaefer, an 8th grader, said the best day of her life was when she went to Florida in the summer of 2016.  When her parents first told her she was going to Florida she felt very happy and excited because she had never been out of the state before. “After driving 16 hours to Florida we finally got to see my brother who was in the military,” Schaefer said. She doesn’t get to see her brother and his wife and their kids as much as she would like so she tries to make the most of every visit they get.

When they finally arrived they unpacked all of their stuff and rested for all the stuff they were going to do on the rest on the trip. In the morning she got ready for the day and went to breakfast at iHop. After they got finished with breakfast they went back to where they were staying, and got ready for the beach.  “I went to the Panama City Beach in Florida with my family,” Schaefer said.

He got a tan and collected seashells with her nephews. After she went to the beach she went to a seafood restaurant, but unfortunately or Schaefer she despised seafood. Fortunately she had really good chicken tenders with ranch, but after she ate the chicken tenders her stomach started hurting. “After dinner we went out to ice cream and then I had a really great time with my family,” she said.

Schaefer further conveyed that she felt very happy being with her brother and her family. And she also felt very excited about going to Florida for the first time and being out of the state for her first time ever. She does not have family in any other state and that visiting her brother was a nice change in plans for her summer. She then continues to say that since she had never been out of the state she didn’t know what to expect and that Florida was really pretty and amazing and that it was nice change of scenery from being in Texas all her life. “ Florida was very pretty and vibrate and just beautiful all together I wish I could live there now,” said Schaefer. “I wish someday I could back to Florida visit my brother and his family,” she also tells me that just being out of the state made it the best day of her life and being with family.