PV: STAAR shouldn’t determine if we pass or fail.


Tyla Swanton, Staff Reporter

I don’t think we should have STAAR determine if we pass or fail our grade. This is my opinion because what if someone is having a bad day and then they fail, they should not get punished for not passing. Even though you get good test taking skills out of it I don’t think we need it. STAAR shouldn’t determine if a student goes on to the next grade, nor should it determine a teachers skill for teaching their students. Every year teachers, teaching degrees are put on the line because of their teaching habits. WHy should this test determine our knowledge  level because what if you can’t take in information easily are you going to be faulted for not being able to do well on the test?

According to the January 22 2019 “Should Texas ELiminate The High-Stakes STAAR Test”, studies have shown that STAAR test is even affecting the students who don’t even need to take it. Students in 2nd grade and below look forward to recess time, to play on the playground with their friends. They can’t have fun because students around the school can’t be distracted while taking this important test. Students who don’t need to take the STAAR Test quite yet need to get all of their energy out that way they don’t drive their teachers crazy.

According to the Texas Assessment Management website, The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness Test is based on the  state curriculum standards for core subjects which means that they get to pick how high they want their standards to be even though it may be too high to some students. They are also made to challenge a students knowledge level.

Yes, the STAAR Test provides great testing skills for children at a young age, but is it really fair if the test is designed to intentionally be harder then what they are used to doing? I don’t think that the state needs to give out a test every year to see where the students are at. I think that when determined if a student should go on to the  next grade level the state needs to look at their semester grade because if you fail the semester for 8th grade then how are you going to pass the 9th grade?