PV: The STAAR test should continue


Trinity Rocha

Kyle Cannon

Kyle Cannon, Staff Reporter

The STAAR and according to the Texas education association website the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness is one the big test that about every student must take to pass to get in next school now it is very painful test but if we did not have this test we probably won’t be able to see how far you’ve gotten and prove that you’re actually smart  enough to go to high school and college and you can get a lot of credit if you pass it and it will go toward graduation and become successful in your later life.

Now I’m sure you have taken tests before and I’m sure you’ve thought it was dumb and stuff but let me tell you this if you did not take that test how would remember it so well unless you studied for it which means if you didn’t studied it.

From Jeff Wheatcraft is a middle-school science teacher in San Antonio. He was named 2019 Teacher of the Year by the Texas Association of School Administrators and recently wrote an op-ed about his personal experience with the STAAR test as both an educator and as a parent.

You would never know from heart look teachers teach us all this some of us don’t really care and others do and those who do will succeed it’s just the truth the STAAR is a test that well tests you on everything you’ve learned and if don’t remember anything for the test then well I don’t want to say this but excuse my language but you’ll just be an idiot and that’s  just what it is it’s something that’s necessary It will be here for most likely a long time so we all must deal with it the test Is for your own good trust me for at least once on this one.