The best day of Alison Meredith’s life


Trinity Rocha

Alison Meredith

Adrianna McGhee, Staff Reporter

Many students at Dobie have only lived for 12-14 years. They haven’t had many adventures yet. If they have they still have many more to come. Most kids don’t get to see their parents getting married. For 8th grader Alison Meredith it was different. The best day of her life is when she saw her mom and step dad getting married.

It wasn’t a traditional big fancy wedding and Meredith liked that. “It was my favorite because we did it in a courthouse and he’s a really nice guy. I’m happy that they are married,” she said.He could’ve been a bad guy and this would’ve made this day so bad, but fortunately he is a good guy.

She had many emotions going on at the time. She had good and bad emotions. When she first found out that they were getting married she was happy. “he asked me before he asked my mom and that made me feel really happy that he cared how i felt,” she said.

The whole day was amazing for Meredith but some moments really stood out. “The best part of the whole day was probably when me and my brothers went out to eat and then went home and ate snacks and watched movies,” she said.

This whole day was amazing and it’s a cool experience. Not every kid gets to see their parents getting married. This day could’ve gone so wrong, but luckily this turned out to be the best day of her life.