Why i think that we should have the STAAR


Trinity Rocha

Adrianna McGhee

Adrianna McGhee, Staff Reporter

I think that the STAAR does have some good things but it can also have some bad things. It can makes students and teachers very stressed. Teachers can end up focusing on just teaching what they need to for the STAAR and not teach everything that can help. I feel like there should be some type of assessment at the end of the year, but not a standardized test. They can make people very stressed and stress can make people feel very sick. It can end up messing with there mental wellness.

Some people may like the STAAR test because it shows if you are actually learning. That’s not always the case. Sometimes when people test they do bad even if they know the information. STAAR could be a good thing if it was done in a different way. I think that people should be grouped into how they learn and they should all do different things for STAAR. I believe that the STAAR is not setup so that everyone is successful. I think that it’s not fair that you can fail a grade because of one test even if the rest of your grades are good.

“High school students who entered the ninth grade in the 2011–2012 school year or later must take and pass certain required courses and end-of-course exams to graduate from a Texas public high school.” is what Texas Assessment Management System website said about the STAAR I think it is crazy how one test can hold you back from going to college.

The STAAR test can be what a student studies for the whole year because they are so stressed.”Students in grades three through high school are required to take these yearly assessments.” is what NPR said in Instead Of STAAR, Use Performance Metrics That Put Students First, Says Top Texas Teacher APR 8, 2019. Students are starting to stress over a test a young age. They can be very unhealthy for you in the future. There should be a different way of doing the STAAR because it really isn’t helping.